The Issue Of College Tuition Essay

The Issue Of College Tuition Essay

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One of the hot topics of debate going on in the U.S. today that presidential candidates are talking about is college tuition. Some have revealed their proposals to American citizens on how they would tackle the issue of tuition. The question is which one of the many proposals will work and limit the amount of people who don’t go to college and give them a reason to go. The tuition issue is not a case by case problem, but a national problem. While there are some who have the opportunity to attend college others are not as fortunate. But everyone can have a part in shaping the future for many generations to come. The objective is to find a way to make what some would call “college free”to everyone. How were we able to find a way to make public schools from K-12 free to every American, but can’t find a way to tackle the college tuition issue. Whether you are a parent, high school grad, or someone who just want to get a degree, you should not have to stress and work 3 jobs to be able to afford a college education. America has the money to constantly pour in so many different programs for various issues, but not for higher education where we all can attend. How can the next generation be able to tackle the issues that will occur in the U.S. or the world if most of the population is not educated enough to come up with solutions for our problems. There are always two sides to an argument and when it comes to free college one side says tuition should be free, while the other side says tuition should not be free.
While most people want college to be free, the U.S. should not make tuition free for all citizens. There are a number of reasons like taxing families who already have it hard, quality in education, rationing, and if people see ...

... middle of paper ...

...on will lower which is a possibility, but the three California schools have proved otherwise. I think that making colleges free would actually make them more competitive with one another in conniving students to come to their school. These examples show why college should be free and how people who worry shouldn’t.
When looking at both sides of the argument for why college should be free and why tuition should not be free, I found myself almost changing my stance on free college for all.
Regardless of how the country finds the money to fund free higher education for all people who want to get a degree it needs to happen. People have to understand that yes, this won 't fix all our problems, but with the rise of tuition and jobs asking for more, I feel like we owe it to the next generation the right to a free college education even if it 's only for the first two year.

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