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The Issue Of Child Abuse Essay example

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Throughout this paper, the topic and issues regarding child abuse will be discussed. Child abuse involves many different forms of maltreatment, this covers physical sexual, emotional, and neglect from a guardian of the child. This growing issue has turned the United States into one of the countries with the highest child abuse records. A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds and on average, four to seven children die due to child abuse and or neglect a day. Neglect is the most common type of abuse; neglect occurs when the guardian fails to provide the adolescent foot, water, shelter or proper medical care. In 2014, Child Protective Service Agencies (CPS) reported that roughly 702,000 children fell victim to child abuse or neglect; This would fill 10 modern day football stadiums! These large numbers led to the shocking evidence of more than 1,500 children lost their lives to child abuse and neglect in 2014. Keep in mind that although these numbers are already incredibly high, there is another Childhood is supposed to be the least stressful part of one’s life, it should not be scary and painful to be a child. Children should be focusing on learning how to be independent and learning how to go out in the world and learn new things, not be afraid to say the wrong thing or not be perfect in the eyes of their abuser and be abused whether it is physical or mental. The pain the child endures while going through is not the only effect, the trauma and emotional pain is forever lasting. Child abuse and neglect is one of the fastest growing health issues in America, although society has been working together to find a solution to this problem, it is quickly growing. Research has been and continues to be attempted but d...

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... are being neglected may have stunted growth, poor hygiene, not wearing proper clothing or clothing that fits them, hiding food or taking it without permission, missing school a lot, or they may lack the appropriate attention for dental, medical or psychological problems. To prevent child abuse, people should volunteer time and get involved with other parents in the community, discipline your own children correctly and calmly, examine your own behavior to make sure you are not engaging in anything that could possibly be considered as abuse, educate others, make sure your children understand their own rights, always support prevention programs, know the signs of child abuse, and lastly report when you see a child being harmed or if you see evidence of child abuse. This is a large issue and the only way to end child abuse is to work together and educate one another.

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