Essay on The Issue Of Black On Black Crime

Essay on The Issue Of Black On Black Crime

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Issue of Black on Black Crime

First I want to talk about the crime statistics of St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis is numbered the fourth most dangerous city in America, so it’s not only in the top ten, it’s in the top five. Cities are rated by their crime risk index score where 100 means the city’s crime risk equals the national average. From 2003 to 2009 St. Louis crime risk index averaged 530 and this is according to data by Onboard Informatics where they do an analysis of FBI violent and property crime reporting specific to that area. Over a seven year period, St. Louis crime risk was more than five times the national average. Roughly, forty eight percent of St. Louis has a black population and Blacks make up about eleven percent of Missouri’s population yet are responsible for the majority of violent crimes being committed in St. Louis and Missouri as a whole. Crime has been so bad that they had to install street cameras in certain areas of St. Louis., these areas are considered wards and it’s to keep them constantly under guard. With the predominately black areas being consistent with committing violent crimes, this would be necessary. After conducting a thorough survey that was subsequent to a decade long study, a professor of criminology at the University of Missouri found that there were 1,265 murders over that period of time with ninety percent of those victims being black and ninety percent of those black victims were killed by blacks. It turns out that most black victims of violent crimes are committed by more blacks than all of the other races combined. Which makes me want to bring up the death of Michael Brown’s death. Over that same decade thirty one blacks were killed by police officers and twenty one of the po...

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...ontrol and has started a new culture in the black community where men, women and children live under the scrutiny of others because of the shame ones have brought upon black people. Men, women and children also live in fear because they understand that the culture of many black communities had become steal, kill and destroy everything around you. It has become a culture where the menace to society is the victim/good guy and a person like me is bad, although what I am saying us true.
Black people need to fight to get back your communities, get rid of the bad element and their guns. Start encouraging your children to be positive and speak to them with respect to show them that they are important. I am not implying that all blacks live this way, I am speaking specifically to those who do. The race card is getting played out, it’s time for new beginnings.

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