Essay on The Issue Of Birth Control

Essay on The Issue Of Birth Control

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My topic addresses contraceptives, specifically birth control. Birth control is ethically good to enlist into to not become pregnant. The controversial topic also plays a role in different cultures. Its prevalence to prevent pregnancy has caused millions of women to partake in it. There are different methods of such as, abstinence, birth control shot (Depo-provera), birth control sponge, etc. So if one of the forms of birth control doesn’t work out then there are many other forms that is more suitable. Also, young adolescents are engaging in sex and are too uneducated to understand the consequences of their actions. I’m for more sex education taught in schools because the amount of pregnancies occurring today. My issue on birth control is that too often, there are too many unplanned pregnancies occurring as if people are being careless and less responsible during copulation.
Religion in this context is a huge influence on society. People know that it 's a sin for them to have sex without being married first. While others follow through with their religious ways to wait till marriage, others choose to do what pleases them. Most people don 't care and are already engaged in sex without being married. It would be wise for a person to date someone they see themselves with long-term at least. Birth control gives women the option for wanting to continue their sex lifestyle without getting pregnant and having kids of wedlock if not married. People have certain rules they can follow by and deal with from the viewpoint of their religious beliefs. Often at times there are consequences for immoral acts or unrealistic reasonings. Religion factors in helping people to make their judgements every day. Judgements delivered are upon moral reasoni...

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...hem going against their own irrational self-interest. Taking precautionary steps before copulation would be the opposite resulting instead to a more rational self-interest.
My argument was that I think birth control is very beneficiary and effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies which was causing an increase in the number of births taking place each year. I understand that women and men have raging hormones, but to make a baby as a result isn’t rational because of self-interest. Everyone is entitled to engage in any sexual activity as they please, but when the consequences are there, there’s no turning back. People need to be made more aware of how their decisions may affect themselves and even their loved ones. As far as population growth, the population will be steadily increasing if we can get people to be more responsible when it comes to birth control.

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