Essay on The Issue Of Assisted Death

Essay on The Issue Of Assisted Death

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Why is there so much controversy on the subject of an individual wanting to choose their right to die? Shouldn 't individual have the right to terminate his or her life if they are terminally ill? On a human level patients that are diagnosed as terminally ill that have six months less to live, should have the right to make the choice to terminate their life if it comes to that.
Brittany Maynard, believed that she had the right to choose when to die. She was terminally ill and fulfilled her life to the fullest. She had made peace with her family and friends and did all the things she wanted to do before she died. She was never going to be cured and her days were numbered. She did not want to put her family and friends through any more pain and suffering then she already had. She was ready to die and wanted to be assisted. Living in California at the time, the Government of California did not approve of assisted death.
After several discussions with family, friends and doctors, she moved to Oregon, one of the first States that permitted assisted death. She made arrangements with the Dr.’s there that she wanted to die on her 30th birthday. She also met with Compassion and Choices, an organization that is an advocate for terminally ill patients. Through them she was able to get her story out to the public about her strong belief in the ethics of healthcare and human rights. Since her assisted death in Oregon, California will go into effect sometime in the year 2016.
What is the Compassion and Choices? “It is an organization that is the nation’s leading advocacy organization. As the oldest and largest organization working to improve care and expand the choice at the end of life, Compassion and Choices operates many programs...

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... they became Drs. Some feel it promotes the giving up on a possible recovery or remission. Some religions may look at it as a form of suicide. Another negative response is doctors are given too much power that could be wrong and unethical.
Many positive things could come from this Right to die legislation. The pain and suffering of the patient would be diminished. Healthcare costs would be reduced. The pain and heartbreak of the patient’s families would be lessened and they could say their final goodbyes in a peaceful way. Organs that are not effected with the illness could be harvested to save someone else. It could help prevent suicide in what could end up horrific and traumatic to the surviving families’. Nurses and doctors would have more time to work with the sick that can be healed. All this being said the right to die should be ultimate freedom of each person.

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