The Issue Of Anxiety Disorder Essay

The Issue Of Anxiety Disorder Essay

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Recently the taboo of mental illness is slowly decreasing. With the decreasing of the taboo, the popularity of the more common mental disorders has increased. One of the mental illnesses that have gained more popularity in recent years is anxiety disorder. Despite it’s popularity, the lack of knowledge on the mental disorder is astonishing. People need to learn that the term anxiety disorder has many other disorders in the term, affects the daily lives of many American citizens, and is often misused by the average person.
Anxiety disorder is described as “a group of mental disorders characterized by the feelings of anxiety and fear”. As stated previously before, anxiety disorder is an umbrella term. There are six different types of anxiety: social anxiety, specific phobia, generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Panic disorder is when a person randomly will begin to feel anxiety. There is usually nothing that triggers it. Social anxiety disorders is when someone has a strong fear of social interaction, and it usually prevents the person who has it from handling normal human interaction. Specific phobia disorder is when someone has an irrational fear of something that exists or occurs in day-to-day life. Generalized anxiety disorder when a person intensely worries a large amount about something that really isn’t that important. Unlike panic disorder, generalized anxiety is usually always trigged by something. Obsessive-compulsive disorder also referred to, as OCD is when people take out their fears by performing tasks a certain amount of times. Lastly PTSD is when a person goes through a traumatic event that causes them to have anxiety. When it comes to anxiety disorder a person might be dia...

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...f someone has anxiety, and even then a person should go to at least two other experts to make sure they are properly diagnosed. It’s like a person’s leg hurting and then them saying that they must have cancer in that area because it hurts. It’s so important for people to know the difference between the two so when someone who is actually having an anxiety attack, the people around them will hopefully know how to react and not treat them as if they are crazy.
Anxiety disorder has six different disorders inside the term that affects roughly forty million American, yet most people either know very little about it or the information they do know is incorrect. This affects the people who suffer with it because people might treat them poorly when their disorder flares up. Hopefully as the term becomes more popular this will encourage people to do more research on it.

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