The Issue of Academic Libraries not Being Able to Recover Effectively from Disasters

The Issue of Academic Libraries not Being Able to Recover Effectively from Disasters

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For this paper to be presented, the topic of disaster planning and the way that disasters have been managed in academic libraries around the world will be discussed. Disaster planning and recovery is an often returned to topic in the library and information services world, as it is something that can happen to any information service and unlike many other organisations the majority of the responsibility in disasters lies with the information service itself. Unfortunately as the research will show, though many academic libraries are simply not prepared enough. At the same time, there are possible solutions that have been put forward from the result of various case studies. Academic Libraries are often thought of as the hub of a college or university so when a disaster happens in one then it is a major disaster for the whole of the institution not just the library. Articles from the countries and continents of Australia (Murray, 2006), Greece (Kostagiolas, Araka, Theodorou, & Bokos, 2011), Nigeria (Obokoh, 1991), U.S.A (Topper, 2011), Pakistan (Shaheen, 2008) and the islands of Hawaii(Davis, 2007) were reviewed with details gleaned from them to compare and compile common results and points of view in cases of commentary. Two of these were results of quantitive surveys with expert sampling (Kostagiolas et al., 2011; Murray, 2006)and four being more qualitative case studies (Davis, 2007; Obokoh, 1991; Shaheen, 2008; Topper, 2011). Case studies are taken through observation after the fact, which gives a more disaster management rather than disaster preparedness point of view, with the surveys giving more of disaster preparedness. There was surprisingly little research done in this field in Australia, considering most of the rest of th...

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...(2011). Disaster management approaches for academic libraries: An issue not to be neglected in Greece. Library Management, 32(8), 516-530.
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Topper, E. F. (2011). After Hurricane Katrina: The Tulane Recovery Project. New Library World, 112(1-2), 45-51.

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