Essay on The Issue Of A Social Issue

Essay on The Issue Of A Social Issue

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A social issue or concern refers to an issue that influences a considerable number of individuals within a society. Though many start with a few protestors, the further an issue becomes exposed to society, the more attention and individual’s interest it will garner along the way. When thinking of pressing social concerns currently, many issues come to mind; equal pay for women, being accepting of all genders and sexual preferences, protecting the environment, ending racism, to name just a few of the hundreds that are present today. Specifically, one resonated with my own personal interests, more specifically, my service learning site of Elmwood Gardens, and stood out among the rest; higher education for every American citizen. Although almost all of the children at Elmwood are years away from even thinking about college, because their race and socioeconomic background, their opportunity may never come. In today’s society, an individual without a college degree will have life-long struggle to provide for themselves, and face enormous challenges in growing their careers further than several minimum wage jobs. However, a further prominent issue has risen; a concept referred to as “white privilege.”
According to researchers at Georgetown University, the number of minority students entering the country’s higher education system continues to grow by the thousands every year, but they are being funneled into underfunded institutions while white equivalents are concentrated in more elite and selective universities. The report, conducted by the university’s Center on Education and the Workforce, found that the comparable racial and ethnic divide found in the nation’s K-12 schools is repeated in higher education, perpetuating “white racial ...

... middle of paper ... at Elmwood, there are income restrictions to set the benchmark for residents. To illustrate, a family a five would need to gain less than $68,600 can qualify. Coupled with parent’s low income, a poor system educating the youth makes it near impossible for their children to get out of the same cycle that has undoubtedly been an issue for several generations before them. In a like manner, society is not allocating burdens and benefits equally. This dilemma of distributive justice is only made worse when nothing is done to help those in the lower income brackets. In light of this, individuals like those found at Elmwood Gardens will never see the chance of a higher education system strictly based off their parents’ income. If colleges and universities were more affordable, the application and attendance rates for lesser revenue persons would most certainly increase.

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