Essay about The Issue, Conclusions, And Reasons

Essay about The Issue, Conclusions, And Reasons

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Before I can find the ambiguity in the article, the issue, conclusions, and reasons must be identified. This article is titled “Should Schools Abandon the A to F Grading System”, and this title also serves as the specific issue that the author, Michael Thomsen, is addressing. The broader issue that I believe Thomsen is addressing is the question of if people should be evaluated based on ranking systems. I believe Thomsen’s conclusion is that schools and other institutions should stop using ranking systems to evaluate people.
Thomsen’s argument, however, is harmed by the ambiguity that the reasons contain. Before being able to find the ambiguity in the reasons, I must first give you the definition of ambiguity that I am using. My definition of ambiguity is the existence of multiple possible meanings of a word or phrase. For ambiguity to be significant, it must be present in the reasoning or conclusion of an argument. Significant ambiguity offers different interpretations for an ambiguous term that can potentially change the argument.
Thomsen’s conclusion, that schools should abandon the A to F grading system, which answers his stated issue, contains potential ambiguity in the phrase “the A to F grading system”. In different school districts, letter grades are associated with different percent values. For instance, in some school districts, students need at least a 90% to receive an A, while in other districts, students would need at least a 92%. If Thomsen means that schools should stop using the scale where a grade of a 90% equals an A, then his reason would be that the ten-point grading scale makes it too easy for students to receive a passing grade. On the other hand, if he means that schools should abandon the eight-po...

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...e direct feedback in a gradeless environment than they can in a grade-dependent one. If the above definition is the one that the readers use while reading this article, they may be more likely to support the conclusion because they can infer that students can correct mistakes and reaffirm their knowledge based on feedback given by an educator of a course.
If the term “teacher attention” means help given to a student by a teacher, then the reason for getting rid of an A to F grading system would be because students receive more help in schools that do not use a grading scale. If the definition was indeed “help given to a student by a teacher”, then readers may feel less inclined to accept the conclusion because if students receive too much help, they may not know how to figure out problems themselves, causing students going to free-schools to be at a disadvantage.

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