The Issue And Problem Of Suicide Essay

The Issue And Problem Of Suicide Essay

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Suicide is one of the biggest reason of the death in my country. Actually it’s the leading cause of death to teenage groups to 30ths in South Korea. Pressure from school works and grade, difficulties to getting job, social isolation, and depression are the main factor why people kill themselves. It’s the big issue and problem that people should care about. I personally gives a big attention to this topic because I’ve known a lot of people committing suicide. Not only poor people but also a nationally well-known TV star, former president in Korea, an elder student when I was in middle school and a person who is really close to me. Even though a lot of people committing suicide, I think there’s a lack of attention about it. I strongly believe that we need to pay more attention about this problem to prevent and decrease.
First, I would like to talk about several reasons why people kill themselves. As people know, mental disorder including bipolar diseases and depression is the primary reason but that is a common knowledge not the most important thing that we have to focus on. We need to concentrate on why they are sick mentally. There’s a several factors that make people stress out and commit suicide. I would like to give some examples that are close to me and threatening me. The closest one to me is a hard pressure from getting grade. In several east Asian country, especially South Korea, going to good college is the most important thing to students to achieve. In order to that there’s a lot of competition that cause stressor. From morning to midnight, most of students living with a same pattern every day which is restricted by studying. They have to spend most of time of the day for sit on the chair and solve a problem or listen t...

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...ot only concern about them but also ask them how are they doing and are they okay. Listening to their story and circumstances seems like easy thing to do but it can be a big support and help to the person who are going through the hard moment. We have to take care of not only other people who are close to but also ourselves. If you are in a exacting circumstance you need to find a help like counselling service or talk with your family. As I mentioned, human is the social animal that cooperate and help each other. We need to be open minded and ready to listen and also ready to talk about ourselves to other people.
Suicide has become one of the biggest causes of death in this society. We all need to know the seriousness about this topic. It’s really tragic thing that people die on their will. It’s time to give more attention and stop losing people because of a suicide.

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