Essay on The Israelites As A Bible Reading

Essay on The Israelites As A Bible Reading

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Hello eyeryone!
This week, I was baffled by the overall attitude of the Israelites as seen in our Bible reading. I don 't understand why they would have been so driven to be "like all the nations". Like the other nations, the Israelites repeatedly turned to idolotry, and like the other nations they rejected the kingship of the Creator in favor of human leadership. This came after the people had tasted of the fruits that came with being set apart by God. The ancestors of this generation had been carried out of Egypt, and miraculously transported to the promise land. Battles had been won for them; seas had been spilt for them. Bitter water had been made sweet for their lips, and manna was divinely sent from heaven for their bones. Yet in 1st Samuel especially, Israels response to the God who had divinely authored their prosperity is beffudling. They didn 't seem to want to be set apart! As we saw in the story of Eli 's sons, not even the high priests in the temple were making efforts to be holy. It was as if the Israelites said: "Ya know... this Yahweh fellow isn 't going to cut it. Let 's forget Him and get a real man to lead us instead!"
It has been easy for me to, while studying the "troubled" Israelites, marvel at how ignorant they must have been not to heed the words of God. But when I really think about it, I realize that I am often times just like Israel. God has provided for me, revealed Himself to me, and ordained me to bring His name glory in everything that I say and do. Only, like the Israelites, I have rejected and disobeyed Him time and time again; I too am prone to wander.
So maybe, my question as I read about the Israelites should not be: "How could they do that?" Perhaps the better question to ask myself would...

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...ssivity, and other obstacles?: Our love for our King; our greater than David! Did He not captivate our affections when we first laid eyes on Him in the Bethlehem stable as a helpless infant in swaddling clothes?"
"He came from heaven 's throne into that deep valley of humiliation in order to deliver his people from the worse-than-Goliath enemy of sin. In His death on the cross and resurrection on third day, He holds high the head of the slain dragon of death, enabling us to shout, 'O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting? '"
"Each of us ought daily say, "My King has delivered me from my grave enemy... If He has so served me, it is my honor and privaledge this day to serve Him. Regardless of the blood, sweat, and tears it may cost me, I 'll do my Savior 's will...this is the heartthrob of a mighty man of God; it is the heartthrob of a Christian."

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