The Israeli Palestine Peace Negotiations Essay

The Israeli Palestine Peace Negotiations Essay

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Israeli-Palestine Peace Negotiations

On May fourteenth 1948, David Ben-Gurion, head of the Jewish agency introduced the establishment of the state of Israel in Palestine. Ever since then Israel has become a major target for the surrounding Arab nations in the Middle East. Ass years passed so did the many negotiations for peace among the Jews and the Arabs of the region, who are still in conflict today.

In 1917, a man by the name of Arthur James Balfour sent a declaration to the British government asking for support for the creation of a “homeland for the Jewish people” in the state of Palestine. At first the British government favored the idea of a Jewish homeland and supported it, but as time went on they became less favorable to the Zionist Jews. One year later in 1918 the Arabs expressed their disapproval of the idea of a Jewish state in the state of Palestine. The Arabs understood how the Jews were persecuted in other countries and would be reluctant to have their own, but to have a nation such as Israel ruling over them and disposing of their affairs was too much.

Much later in 1947, the United Nations adopted Resolution 181, the Partition Resolution, which divided Great Britain’s former Palestine into two separate Jewish and Arab states. The Resolution would become implemented the next year in 1948 when Britain withdrew from Palestine. The Arabs saw this as unfair to the Palestinians already living in the area designated for the Jewish homeland under resolution 181. Although the United States backed Resolution 181, the U.S. State Department feared the possibility of an increasing soviet rule in the Arab region. Restriction of oil to the United States by the Arab oil producing countries was also feared and the State...

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...efore the Israeli war in Resolution 242. As payment for giving back the land Israel has won, Arabs had to recognize them as a state, which has been slow going since the beginning of such talks. Two more Peace talks were made, the road map and Geneva accord in 2003, both included land for peace initiatives, and both went nowhere. Later in 2007 George W. Bush hosted a Conference at the U.S. Naval academy at Annapolis, Maryland, among Israel more than a dozen Arab officials came for the peace talks. A joint understanding was issued by the Israel and Palestinian leaders to negotiate peace by 2008. Most recently in 2010, Barak Obama was quick to try to restart the peace process in the Middle East but he was to no Avail.
Will the Israel ever be at peace with the Arabs in the Middle East? Only time will tell, and History is not on the side of peace, in the Middle East.

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