Israel 's Impact On The Middle East And The World Essay

Israel 's Impact On The Middle East And The World Essay

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Throughout history there have been many great nations to rise from nothing and make a global impact. One of these great nations is the small country of Israel. Israel is an extremely influential country that has made a huge impact in the Middle East and the world. The nation holds many locations of historical significance dating back centuries. Since its independence in 1948, the country has been involved in many conflicts with its neighbors, as well as repeated violent attacks from Palestinian groups. Economically Israel has the third highest per- capita in the Middle East (Hebrew, 2007). The Israeli nation made possible many basic ideals and technologies, which were further developed, and used all around the world.
Israel is a small country, located in the Middle East, bordering four other nations and the Mediterranean Sea. These nations include Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. The total land area of Israel is 8,630 sq. miles, making it one of the smallest countries in the world (THE LAND, 2013). Climate and temperatures of Israel vary depending on the geographical location. This is due to the country existing in both a temperate and tropical zone. Eastern parts of the country have dry summers and moderately cold winters. Along the coast in the West, humid summers and mild winters are expected. The desert conditions in the South are the same all year. The average low and high temperatures of all these areas are 44 degrees, which occurs in the month of January and 91 degrees, which occurs in the month of August (THE LAND, 2013). The Northern areas of the country have heavy rain periods and snowfall at higher elevations. The South experiences very little to no change in its arid climate.
Israel has five maj...

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...nd to the dispute will ever come. Society in Israel is very family oriented, seeing the family as the basic unit. This stems from Jewish tradition, surrounding society views, and the demographic threat of not having many children (The Centrality, n.d.).
The amount of influence Israel has obtained since its creation impacted the world and the Middle East significantly. The country has many historical landmarks as well as a diverse geographical makeup. Military conflicts have been a regular occurrence for Israel since the day after it was first created. The country has enjoyed economic growth for many years and became one of the wealthiest countries in its region. Many basic technologies have come from Israel and have been further developed to the items used today. Furthermore, the world is a better place due to all of the accomplishments of this great country.

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