Israel 's Air Defense Capabilities Essay example

Israel 's Air Defense Capabilities Essay example

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Israel continues to show its air defense capabilities and continues to strive to be the most technologically advanced country in the world in regards to its air defense systems. Israel is a small country encountering conflict from surrounding countries every day. They continue to lead an example of what a modern and effective air defense grid should look like while continuing to have a strong and impressive economy.
Israel has been at war since 1948 during the Israeli War of Independence. Syria, Lebanon, Gaza Strip and Iran have consistently been on a offensive with Israel due to their religious views and the strategic foothold they have in the Middle East. From simple terrorist attacks to full-blown missile launches, Israel has defended themselves very well over the last few years we had to witness the events. They have also performed several counter attacks that have obliterated their enemies. The U.S. started providing support after their War of Independence and allowed them to show their capabilities worldwide.
Israel has been very successful with their endeavors with the help of the United States. The U.S. and Israel are the strongest of allies for the last few decades. For six decades, the U.S. has been showing Israel support. It was both a Strategic and Economic advantage for both sides. Yet, the U.S. believed they could defend themselves successfully, they have continued to show support in case they would turn to Russia or China for sustainment. Bard stated, "When Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin asked him why the United States supports Israel when there are 80 million Arabs and only 3 million Jews, the President replied simply, "Because it is right." The U.S. chooses the right side instead of the likely winning si...

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...that the target disintegrates in an instant", according to Rafael spokesperson, Zimmer. Again, this will not replace the Iron Dome, but it will encompass another layer in their air defense for the country and continue to limit casualties and loss of important resources. Straightforward technological advances as such will create a better defense to ensure the safety of all those in Israel.
In conclusion, Israel, with the help of the U.S., has proven their capabilities and shown the world how extraordinary their Air Defense and country really is. A small country that has a heart for its people and homeland. They continue to build and become stronger as a nation and people. Their ties with the U.S. have shown that they are dependable allies and friends. Their strategic and economic importance will continue to give the country a fighting chance in the years to come.

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