Isolationism vs. International Cooperation Essay

Isolationism vs. International Cooperation Essay

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From the late 19th century to 1945 two ideologies and platforms contrasted one another. On one hand you have isolationism, Lassie Faire and a lack of global perspective. On the other hand you have international cooperation and what has been termed “war economies”. The failure of one seems to have cultivated the other as a response. Ultra nationalism, racial imperialism and antisocialism brought about great atrocities and failures both politically and morally. In response we have, not once, but twice, seen the rise of international cooperation to counter Nationalistic expansion. The contrast of a war economy versus an absolute free economy is seen on both sides of the political spectrums. It would be both belligerents that would apply this concept of government ran economies to enhance their military objectives.

The idea of isolationism stemmed from an earlier period of history when technology had not taken such a hold on our planet. What was “over there” stayed over there simply because the ability to cross either of the great oceans with any tactical soundness was not there. After the industrial revolution all that changed. The development of a large global economy by means of raw material and products created more dependence on outside actors. The Great Depression brought this to light to all those who refused to believe. Nations barrowed heavily during the First World War and most notably Germany after World War One. They used this money to build their armies, rebuild infrastructure and for Germany, it used the money to pay reparations, which ironically, it received from the U.S. to pay France and Great Britain so they could repay the U.S. With this money no longer existing, as it was now manifested into good...

... middle of paper ... regain territory conquered by Japan. Finally on August 14, 1945 the Japanese surrendered.

It is the culmination of international cooperation and government economic intervention that has brought the world out of three catastrophes; WWI, the Great Depression and WWII. Had a global perspective been utilized after WWI many of the issues that arose to flame WWII may never have happened. If Western powers had truly sought to maintain a global peace there would have been no argument over the need for the League of Nations. This simple establishment of international order could have created an earlier united front not only against Germany but also against the Great Depression. It would serve governments and people well to take hold of these hard learned lessons from this period and apply them to today’s turbulent times.

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History of World Societies

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