Isolation Is An Act Of Complete Seclusion And Separation Essay

Isolation Is An Act Of Complete Seclusion And Separation Essay

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Isolation is an act of complete seclusion and separation. The importance of tooth isolation during treatment cannot be undervalued. Isolating a single tooth, or group of teeth, being treated is a very important procedure during dental treatment. The advantages of isolation are a clean and dry operative field, maximum function of dental materials, patient and operator protection, increased access and visibility, and operating efficiency. Isolation of a tooth preparation is essential for overall procedure success.
With advancements in technology, tooth isolation has been revolutionized.
Isolite, illuminated dental isolation system, is a technological breakthrough that provides its operator with hands-free tongue and cheek retraction, oropharynx protection, in addition to suction, and illumination simultaneously. Thomas R. Hirsch, DDS, his brother and industrial designer, James Hirsch, and Sandra Hirsch, CPA, founded Isolite Systems in 2001. Their company markets illuminated dental isolation systems and other related products. The Isolite illuminated dental isolation system features a series of specifications that allow it to improve and allow ease of access to tooth isolation.
Its manufactures note that Isolite provides two channels of uninterrupted hands-free vacuum suction. The Isolite silicone integrated vacuum/power hose measures 6 feet long, and connects to many standard high-volume ports in the operatory. It also features bright intra-oral illumination with LED technology. Lighting controls allow the clinician to a selection from five light-intensity settings. The product’s light settings include a “CURE-SAFE” mode for light-sensitive dental materials. Isolite Systems has a lightweight Isolite Control Head Assembly, constru...

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...d dental hygienists often place direct restorations that require a chair-side setting reaction. During the placement of acrylic resins and composite resins, light curing is required to harden the material. Light activated materials are mixed by the manufactures, where partial chemical reaction has already taken place.
The process of finalizing the setting reaction involves the material being exposed to a very bright light. Any exposure to bright light during placement and condensation of the restorative material, can initiate premature setting. This affects the working time of the material, possibly resulting in failure of treatment. The wavelength of the light source is accorded with that of the activator chemical in the material. The “cure-safe” illumination feature of Isolite Systems inhibits the flowing light source from affecting any light-sensitive materials.

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