Isolation from Society throughout Hawthorne's Writings Essay

Isolation from Society throughout Hawthorne's Writings Essay

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Through out the course of American Literature times change, and so does many peoples writing styles and themes. Many had recurring themes that continues through the decades that many other writers are known for. Isolation is a theme that very few authors are known for; being difficult and unusual for the times it was not something you read about often. Isolation meaning a state of separation between oneself and the world. Isolation can be something you choose to do, or are forced into doing by the people around you. Many characters being forced into isolation by the public creating the build for the novel. Several writers break out, and touch many hearts with the characters they create having to live through the isolation, of the times. Although many writers are known for isolation in their works the most well known of these is Nathaniel Hawthorne with the most prevalent works that use isolation being The Minister’s Black Veil, Rappaccini’s Daughter, and The Scarlet Letter.
Isolation with Hawthorne is not always something you choose to be. In The Minister’s Black Veil Hawthorne continues with his continuous use older times, and basises this story in 1836. As we all know this time period was very one with God. The story is set in first person point of view with Reverend Harper narrating the story. Reverend Harper being a well known, and very respected man of the church. Leading his people in the ways of the Lord. As times are rough in the 1800’s Reverend Harper decides to take a stand, and chooses to begin wearing a black veil. This is where the isolation will begin in the novel. Being different in the times was many times frowned upon, and was never truly accepted in the eyes of the congregation. Question after question the congre...

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...For Giovanni watching is awe slowly falls for Beatrice, but with her in fear of hurting the kind man she continues to run, from him. Giovanni finds his way into the garden, and finds himself speaking with Beatrice as they walk through the garden he makes his way to the deadly plant. As she pulls him away she sets grip on his arm. With that contact we realize that Beatrice had more to hide that there was a reason why she could take the plant with such ease, what makes herself isolate from the world. She leaves a purple grip mark on his arm revealing the true monster inside. For as we see isolation is not always a chosen path Hawthorne betrays many roads with each of his characters. None of the roads never begins the same, but they all lead with the character in complete isolatio "Ah, but let her cover the mark as she will, the pang of it will be always in her heart."

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