Isolation, Family Disconnect, And The Monster Essay

Isolation, Family Disconnect, And The Monster Essay

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One day, a sad man by the name of Gregor Samsa from Metamorphosis, woke up from a night of uneasy sleep to find himself transformed into a cockroach. In contrast is another character from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein- the monster. A scientist, by the name of Victor Frankstein, has a wild fascination in creating another human. After tireless months of trying, he successfully accomplishes his goal, only except Victor created a frightful monster that is horrifying to look at. The two characters share large similarities such as being physically disgusting and being of the lowest in society. Likewise, they are distinctly different, like the impact of the time period the text was written in and their overall character journeys. Although there are evident contrasts between the two characters, Gregor Samsa and the monster share more striking similarities of isolation, family disconnect, and impact of the evil of human nature that allow them to grow as a character and convey a larger lesson in the novels.
There is a recurring theme of isolation and loneliness in both texts. Gregor travels often for his job where he “constantly see[s] new faces, no relationships that last or get more intimate” (Kafka 15). He comes home to lock himself in his room, disconnecting himself from the world even further. His routine life is abruptly halted when he wakes up as a bug, however, the isolation still continues and becomes even worse. When Gregor becomes the cockroach. His family refuses to accept or help him, leaving him helpless and alone. Because the family is so shaken from Gregors transformation, they slowly fall apart throughout the novel. Wrapped in his new, slimy shell, “Gregor is forced to watch the family fall apart in silence” (Metamorphosis...

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... sanctions the very self-expression she professes to regret. The reversals within each of the texts reveal the contradictions of a painfully self-divided desire...Frankenstein provide[s] a case ... in the feminine adaptation of the Romantic "egotistical sublime” (Poovey 333). The romantic period was Shelley’s way of highlighting Enlightenment thinking.

Gregor and the monster are both tragic figures. Where Gregors life is most exciting when he becomes a bug, the monsters life is most tragic when he is brought into a world that will not accept him. Both want love and acceptance but are never provided with it. Through different experiences, and unfortunate life circumstances, the characters grow and transform in the texts to deliver life lessons. As many differences they have, both characters still intertwine and draw inexhaustible connections in terms of suffering.

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