Isolating the DNA of Strawberries Essay

Isolating the DNA of Strawberries Essay

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Strawberries are small delicate fruit. They can range from having a cone shape, to a spherical shape. They are red juicy fruits thats seeds grow on the outside. They can average about 200 seeds on them and are the only fruits that have their seeds on their skin. Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen in the spring. Strawberries are part of the rose family and are part of the plantae family. Strawberries can usually prevent heart attacksStrawberries grow on plants that can yield strawberries for more 5 years if its healthy and isn’t attacked by insects. They were thought to get their name when the farmers put straws around them for protection earning the strawberry name. Strawberries also contain 90% water. They grow on low growing plants that grow white flowers that later become strawberries. The main plant can send out runners that can form a new plant and grow more strawberries. Strawberries usually grow 12 weeks after planted. The strawberry plant needs insects to pollinate their flowers. When eaten strawberries can give you vitamin C, iron and other minerals.It contains 18mg potassium and gives people 4 calories. In Italy they were first grown in 234 B.C. The first strawberries were found in Virginia by Europeans in 1588. Then in 1860 framers in America started planting them.But the first strawberries where picked in the forests and in ancient rome was used to make medicine. Strawberries are usually planted using the plasticulture method. This method is when people build large beds of soil and cover them with plastic and adding seeds and making holes so the seed can grow. The plastic will prevent weeds and erosion. In the beds they would implant tubes that export water to the strawberries. Framers pick straw...

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...ates. Dish detergent is a thick liquid that can have antibacterial properties. They were made in 1916 when soap was not used as much for cleaning.

Cells are the things that hold the DNA. Every living organism contains at least one cell. They are sometimes known as the building blocks of life. Cells were discovered in 1839 by Schleiden and Schwann.

The Science Behind the Project
In the project you isolate DNA from strawberries. When you mash the strawberries you get the DNA into a solution. The solution of salt and dish detergent bust open the cells to release the DNA so its easier to get the DNA. When you pour it in the cup you filter the clunks of the strawberries and get the solution and the material that contain the cells. So to separate the DNA you add the alcohol it precipitates. The DNA will fall out of the cells. The DNA can be used to be analyzed.

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