Iso 9000 Quality Management Guidelines Essay

Iso 9000 Quality Management Guidelines Essay

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The series of ISO 9000 quality management guidelines are based on eight quality management principles and are defined in ISO 9000:201 5, Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary. These quality management principles function as the core set of values that the board considers when they create and revise new international standards. Customer focus holds the highest priority on this list and is the foundation for the entire ISO 9000 set of guidelines. These principles define Customer focus as a commonsense value that should be recognized by any organization that wishes to succeed. Customers are the only source of income and, therefore, companies rely heavily on maintaining a steady flow of customers. In order to maintain this stream of revenue, organizations should understand not only current customer needs but also future customer needs. Organizations should also meet the stated customer requirements and strive to exceed their customer’s expectations. The list presents Leadership as the second most important quality. The justification for this prioritization stems from the clear need for an organization to proceed with unity and have a clear purpose (International Standards Organization). Strong leaders firmly establish an organization’s direction so employees can grasp the desired outcome of their work more easily. Leaders should provide the internal environment where employees can realize the full extent to which they can be involved in completing the organization’s objectives. Following the importance of leadership is the need for that leadership to involve everyone who could impact a project. An organization works efficiently when every employee does their job properly. Management must take the first step in enabl...

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... base as customers learn to trust the products they purchase from the organization. These guidelines carry the added benefit of establishing the credibility of an organization with very little research on the part of the customer. With the rapidly growing international popularity of the ISO library of quality standards, organizations that are certified in the use of these practices are far more likely to release trusted products than organizations that fail to obtain this certification. Additionally, because ISO consistently revises and improves their standards customers can safely assume that products from organizations with the ISO certification will perform the way they are expected to. In conclusion, properly adhering to ISO 9000 standards will improve the quality of the products an organization produces and will increase the trust their customers place in them.

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