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The Island

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The Island (based on Lord of the Flies)

Having crashed onto this unknown island, survival seemed almost inevitable, especially after the deaths of the pilot and our English teacher Mrs. Ammon. All 15 pupils of the grade 10a had miraculously survived the crash. This led to a unity among the class, which eventually deteriorated.
Everybody was in a state of shock, and it took some time for everybody to find one another. The last person to be found was Jasper Kessel, who had jumped into tree, in order to get a better view of the island. Everyone was extremely excited to see one another, except for Ingrid Fossati, who had some how vanished. The whole class set out on a search, which ended with no result. This only ended in Jasper also vanishing, but nobody bothered in searching for him, because he had a lot of experienced in the African Bush and would probably survive by himself.
The rest of us went back to the deserted beach and just sat there thinking about what exactly had happened, but nobody was quite sure. With a deep, commanding voice Dominic Neill, the class representative, stood up and told the rest of us to just forget about what happened and to look towards the future and surviving this disaster. Everybody agreed and was assigned to specific jobs. All the males of the class, which consisted Max Keichel, Max Brandt, Siv April, Dominic Neill and myself (unfortunately not Jasper), had been assigned to all the labor work. This included trying to build some sort of shelter, find food, make a fire and try and find some useful items, that had maybe been in the plane, that could help us in our fight for survival. The females, Kirsten Zwinscher, Florianne Griffion, Leonie Volke, Helen Dedekind, Nyasha Herberg, Nathalie Vogel and Stephanie Chie, but not Ingrid (who was still missing), were given the duties of collecting fruit and giving the males massages after their hard day of labor. These duties only started on the next day. So all the females took advantage of the radiant sun and just tanned, whilst the males found some fruit and shared with all the females. The first night everybody just slept on the beach.

Unfortunately all the Girls (except for Nyasha) had been sunburned and therefore struggled to fulfill their duties. We males all set out into the thick jungle, where we looked for small rodents.

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Dominic led the pack, but unfortunately we found nothing. We arrived back at the beach, with just a few rocks, sticks and fruit. We hadn’t found any shelter. The day ended in great despair.
Days passed with no success. The whole class was just living off fruit. Until one blissful day, I went with Siv, Max Keichel and Max Brandt into the forest for another try at getting some food. The jungle was full of noise as the birds chirped and sang. When entered the jungle it was like another world, a world that only the fittest could survive in, I was determined to be one of those who would survive. To our great delight we saw a large and muscular wild boar that, was running through the foliage. We quietly stalked the large animal. We were just equipped with sharpened sticks so it would be a very difficult and dangerous task to try and take down such a large creature. We kept up with the cunning boar as it maneuvered through the dense jungle. As we were poised to strike a shrill scream came from the treetops. As I looked up a large monkey looking man jumped out of a large oak tree, he was a brave looking man with pig skin as a shirt, a groin cloth around his waist and bulging red eyes probably caused from lake of sleep. The man landed next to the boar, with a thud. As quick as lightning he let out a frenzy of blows as the boar squealed in terror as the rigid man started strangling it. The man was holding on for dear life. We gazed in astonishment, and went to the mans aid. The boar gave a great struggle but we overpowered it, it took one last breath and died. As we looked closer at the man pure amazement overcame us, as we found out that that man was actually Jasper. He told us, that he had been living in a tree further down in the forest and that he had been catching little rodents and sometimes even young boars.
We took the pig back to the beach, where everybody was extremely delighted to see us. Nathalie ran up to Jasper and immediately started kissing him for some odd reason. Even Dominic, who had diarrhea from eating worms in from the soil, was delighted. We started the fire with a bit of grass and sparks from two stones, and started roasting the boar. It was the first time in days that we had eaten meat.
At this stage, everybody had lost some weight, especially Siv, who was in terrible condition. He and Max Brandt had found a marijuana plant and were smoking it like chimneys. This made both of them smell really bad and made Siv’s condition deteriorated even more, especially after the plant had died. Everybody started getting extremely worried about him, so they (especially Florianne and Leonie) gave him more attention, fearing that the worst can happen at any moment.
Stephanie had gone crazy and therefore started talking to herself. Nyasha was being very aggressive towards Helen, because she was all over Max Brandt, who had been fancied by most of the girls, because of his astonishing fishing skills. He and Dominic had problems with each other, because Dominic kept on stealing Max’s bait and eating it. Conflicts arouse from everywhere, until suddenly after months of absence, Ingrid had come back. She was looking in very good condition, which Stephanie liked and they became really close. She had been living in a cave, which she shared with lots of bats. She had been living off them and therefore, stayed healthy.
Florianne, Kirsten and Leonie had decided to ditch the rest of the class, in order to get to the other side of the island, which they believed they would find housing and food. That was the last time, we saw them.
A year had passed and only a few pupils of the old 10a class had survived. Jasper, Dominic, Stephanie, Max Keichel, Max Brandt, Nyasha, Helen, Ingrid and myself were still struggling to survive. We had almost hunted and eaten every single living creature on the island. Things were getting more chaotic, as everybody was fighting for food. Dominic got fed up and told everybody to come up with a plan, so that somebody could rescue us. Maybe some sort of signal. Jasper volunteered to build a glider out of leaves and sticks. He added, that he would go to the edge of a cliff and jump, go to the next island and get some help. It took us days to construct it, but we finally built this contraption. I was extremely negative about the flying capably of the glider, but Jasper was persistent. He got onto the glider. Max Brandt and Max Keichel gave him the glider a run up and released it, as Jasper took off. The flight lasted 5 seconds, next the left wing of the glider collapsed and Jasper’s glider began to fall apart in mid-air and he hurtled towards the ground. We never saw again, after that.
After Jasper’s death, we were unable to hunt and therefore started starving. Nyasha went crazy and started chasing the other pupils.
As the circumstances become worse, things start to change as more and more aeroplanes started to fly over us. At the moment we are struggling to stay alive, some of the pupils of the former 10a have even started to think of cannibalism as a solution. This gives us many unanswered questions. But how does everything end, for better or for worse?
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