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The making of Hawaii into a territory of the United States was quite a catastrophe for the island people. The islands were almost doomed from the start because of its location. Location of the island meant a lot, it would be a good start to capturing all of the Pacific. The inhabitants of the islands were peaceful and kind-hearted. They did what was the best for the community and land. Foreigners who saw this peaceful living thought that it would be easy to manipulate the people so they tried to turn the foreign the land into their land. They began forcing their ideas onto the people. The foreigners tried to change the island 's economy into one of capitalism. The intent itself wasn’t bad. The foreigners thought it would be helpful and hoped they could change the island for the better. The real problems arose when the foreigners saw the natives as inferior and started to abuse them. Unfortunately the foreigners did not take into consideration the feelings and beliefs of the natives. The natives tried to stand up for what they believed in but they were not taken seriously. The capture of the Hawaiian islands was a long and sad process. Hawaiians tried their best to resist the foreigners but through the corrupt and power of the foreigners the natives did not stand a match.
We see throughout the time of America taking over North America that a lot of land was captured by unruly treaties. Treaties were given out to many Native American tribes, which were thought to protect them from the invaders. The treats were often given with force and consequences if they did not sign the treaty. This only turned out into the Americans breaking the treaties and taking the land of the natives. Hawaii, like North America was no different. In the 184...

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...did not see her as being a respectable ruler and America did not listen to get petition.
How Hawaii was made apart of United States is an incredible sad story of abusing power. Hawaii tried to resist the foreign influence but fell short and were eventually colonized. The Hawaiians were looked at as inferior and as children because they culturen was so much different from the foreigners. If the foreigners would have took the time to learn about the culture of island then the outcome of the island would be much different. We taught the Hawaiians very bad manners and things they would never to each other or to other countries. The colonization of Hawaii was one that was hard for the people who gave it their all to keep the island like it had been for years. Unsuccessful in their cry of rebellion the island was captured and their culture they had been building destroyed.

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