Islamophobia Is The Prejudice Against Islam Essay

Islamophobia Is The Prejudice Against Islam Essay

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Post September 11, 2001 the life of a Muslim woman living in America changed forever. Islamophobia is the prejudice against Islam or Muslims. Islamophobia is not a new concept it has roots hundreds of years ago, however after 9/11 it became much more prevalent in America. Following 9/11 Western media used Islam and Muslim woman who covered to inflict fear in American citizens. Western media framed Islam as a dangerous and hateful religion that needed to be stopped. At the same time the media became obsessed with Muslim woman who veiled and wanted to save these woman from their oppression. However, these articles written about the oppressed Muslim woman did not feature Muslim woman and their experiences veiling. They were not given a voice on the subject of their lives. The people writing these articles were very ethnocentric. They did not consider the religion or culture of these Muslim woman choosing to veil and the empowerment it may give some of these woman. I would like to spend time looking at Westerns media portrayal of Muslim woman. Then compare that to Muslim women’s portrayal of themselves, specifically on the act of veiling.
Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo in White Masculinity and the (In)Security of 9/11 gives an in depth look at how White American’s felt about terrorism and Muslims following 9/11 and how movies about 9/11 only focused on White Americans. Bloodsworth-Lugo highlights three movies, United 93, World Trade Center, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. All three movies have a predominantly white cast and show how white America were affected by the attacks on 9/11. These movies do no show how Muslim people, especially veiled woman were physically and verbally attacked by white American’s following 9/11. Muslim...

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...ey contradict themselves constantly by stripping Muslim people the opportunity to voice in mainstream media what is really means to be a Muslim or a woman who veils. Muslim woman who veil know when they leave their homes they are more at risk to be judged, treated unfairly, or be verbally or physically assaulted because they veil and show their faith more visibly. American’s claim this is the land of the free while also kicking Muslim’s off planes for being Muslim, and only showing Muslim woman as being oppressed. While America did change after 9/11, American’s fail to realize that the life of a Muslim American, specially a Muslim American woman who choose to veil life was also altered completely after 9/11. Islamophobia and ethnocentrism is very prevalent in American media, which in turns creates a nation with citizens who are equally islamophobic and ethnocentric.

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- Post September 11, 2001 the life of a Muslim women living in America changed forever. Islamophobia is the prejudice against Islam or Muslims. Islamophobia is not a new concept, it has roots hundreds of years ago, however after 9/11 it became much more prevalent in America. Following 9/11 Western media used Islam and Muslim women who covered to inflict fear in American citizens. Western media framed Islam as a dangerous and hateful religion that needed to be stopped. At the same time the media became obsessed with Muslim women who veiled and wanted to save these women from their oppression....   [tags: United States, Islam, Veil, Feminism]

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