The Islamic World And The West Essays

The Islamic World And The West Essays

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One of the many reason I chose Islam as my topic for this research paper was because of my experience in a mosque that changed my perspective on how I view their religion. It has also enhanced my appreciation for all religions that are different from my own since I have been exposed to other religions besides Christianity. A positive result throughout my visit is that I can no longer be filled with negative connotations people label Muslims since I am now aware for what they stand for. In other words, my time spent at a Sunday service has been beneficiary to my growth as a student since I learned about a different religion.
My central issue will focus on the Islamic world and the West; this is relevant to the course because my main priority is to discus Islam as a religion and their relationship with the West. My research question is how do Muslims let their faith inform their lifestyle and the differences between the Western lifestyle that differ Muslim faith and practice. According to Samiei “The election of Barack Hussein Obama as the president of the US could change many conditions, which were responsible for the reinforcement of the West-and-Islam dualism after September 11. Obama is welcomed as an internationalist president.” This is a case of promising changes in the western world for acceptance and understanding of Muslims. These types of changes greatly influence our relationship with Islamic countries since our understanding will open communication and globalization.
Faith is driven by verses in the Quran that are holy to them as a community. For example, there is a verse from the Quran that follows: “In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, and Most Kind…” In short this is an important part of Islam since it reminds their...

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... during their lifetime on earth. The second pillar is the prayer they must pray five times a day since it is the only direct contact to God because there is no Holy Spirit. The third pillar is the giving zakat; the Muslims are expected to give back two percent of their riches to the less fortunate by either gold or money. Bilgrami, mentioned in Islam and the West: Conflict, democracy, identity “…Most Muslims are not absolutists at all, in fact they share very little with the absolutist. This is evident in the fact that for the most part where there have been fair and open elections the ‘fundamentalist’ parties have failed to gain power, whether in Iran or in Pakistan.” Islam is truly a peaceful and giving religion, however because of the extremist responsible for terrorist organization the West sometimes prejudices Muslims as dangerous and manipulative religion.

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