Essay The Islamic State And The Nusra Front Fighters

Essay The Islamic State And The Nusra Front Fighters

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September 12th began a ceasefire in Syria organized by Russia and The United States. Many are skeptical on how effective the agreement will be.The purpose being to have the chance to deliver desperately needed supplies and aid to extremely distressed areas of conflict. As Russia and the United States have been standing with different sides in the Syrian conflict, Russia with President Assad and the United States with national Coalition, they are unifying in this endeavor in hopes of future collaboration. If the ceasefire brings the desired result the two countries will work together in creating effective airstrikes against the unified enemy of jihadist militants. The main two groups that are being focused on are the Islamic State and the Nusra Front fighters.(footnote) Attacks on these two from the Syrian government will be allowed during the ceasefire, but all other attacks from the rebel groups and the Syrian government are to stop. Rebel groups seem to have doubts about the agreement and issued a statement of problems they have with it, but this did not stop them from agreeing to it.
The cease fire will put to test the trust between Russia and the United States. The White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, stated that “Based on our collective experience here on observing the situation, I think we have some reasons to be skeptical that the Russians are able or are willing to implement the arrangement consistent with the way it’s been described.”(footnote) Russia and the United States have a long history of distrust, and their contrasting approaches to the civil war in Syria has caused tension.
The Syrian civil war has had drastic effects to many countries inside and outside of the middle east. The influx of syrian r...

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...nd that there is an equal amount of distrust from Russia. By September 15th, Russia has already accused the United States of not keeping the pact. It is felt that Russia’s side of the story is not being truly shown. CNN’s update on the current situation says that “In a statement, the Russian ministry said that US-led "moderate opposition forces" had increased the "number of attacks on residential neighborhoods," claiming at the end of the deal 's third day that "only the Syrian army observes silence mode."”(footnote) The emotion conveyed by the United States in the original article is one of skepticism. The portrayal of the ceasefire is one of expected failure. Whether this is an accurate depiction of the situation is unsure, but it feel as though it is a foreshadowing to an already falling apart attempt at peaceful collaboration between two aggressive super powers.

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