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Essay on Islamic Mosques

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To God belongs the East and the West, wheresoever you look is the face of God. Qur'an 2:115 Islam has given the world some of the most beautiful things geometry, poetry, art and architecture. From the early sixth century all the way into current times, Islam has brought innovations in math, literature and art. Throughout its history Islamic art was ever changing. Creating new and interesting ways to not only look at the world but the way in which one represents god in all his glory. Islam Began in the Middle East, but their vast empire slowly grew to incorporate Spain, Northern Africa, and India. As the Muslims slowly moved west, so did Islam and with it brought innovation to art and architecture. Although the people practicing this religion were different the core values of it stayed the same, this is best seen in their architecture. Whether it’s the great mosque in Cordoba Spain or the Gun bad-i Qabus monument in northeast Iran, the overall aesthetics of Islamic tradition are represented stand true.
Similarities between eastern and western Islamic architecture are seen in the arches used in their mosques and monuments, carved stonework, and domes incorporated into the structure. The undulating patterns of geometric and floral are seen in both east and west giving all walks of people the infinite feeling of god and a higher being. The innovative style of the Islamic artist gave way to the instantly recognizable styles. The fondness for elaborate decorations is seen in both parts of the Islamic world. The regional influence on the architecture change as you cross from the east to west but the central principals stay the same. The artful way in which god is represented in. Another way in which the Mosques in the east and west ar...

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...ecture of Spain with its delicate and intricate designs and features.
Throughout its history Islam has spread all over the world creating a coherent artistic heritage, leading way to similar and yet very different architecture. The distinctive floral, geometric and calligraphy unite these structures from east to west but its there difference that make them unique to their part of the world. The unending repetition of pattern in the geometric and floral designs is breath taking whether its enjoyed in Iran or Spain Islamic art is shared throughout the world. The beauty of Islamic architecture transcends time and space. The unique qualities of Islam have been expressed in a powerful and intricate manor by the artisans over time. Although most of these wonderful Mosques and Monument were created over a thousand years ago, we still gaze in awe at their beauty today.

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