The Islamic Faith Group : A Christian Follower, Believer, And Worshiper Essay

The Islamic Faith Group : A Christian Follower, Believer, And Worshiper Essay

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1. Did you notice some who were comfortable with individualism in their religious experience? How did others (or you) respond their individualism? I choose to observe the Islamic Faith group, in regards to the assignment. I wanted to go with a group outside of my own religion; I am a Christian follower, believer, and worshiper. I desired to know what drives their faith and obedience in regards to their faith, as most of us have seen on the news how most of the Islamic followers if not all are martyrs. After talking to a couple of the followers that were in attendance, they all explain what Islam is to them and what it means to be Muslim, furthermore, everyone’s answer was the same except for two people out of the six people that I had a conversation with during my visit. Four of the followers were born Muslim, furthermore, their parents and grandparents were Muslim, and however, the four followers explained that they have their own relationship with their God. So their relationship is not inheritance, furthermore, it is developed from the exposure to the lifestyle. The Islamic faith is a way of life; everything that a follower does is in ordinance with the Islamic faith. The two other followers converted over from Christianity, I asked why and a follower explained that he felt complete while studying Islam; furthermore, he stated: “I believe all of the teaching to be true.”

2. What examples of collectivism did you notice during the visit? Two of the collectivism that I noticed during my visit was that all of the followers greet each other, and the men and women each have their own areas for prayer. All of the elder male followers at the masjid grew their beards out, I was told that their beards use to and still do distingu...

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...nce were friendly and accepting of me, however, any discomfort that I might have experienced is only in regards to my lack of knowledge of the faith and the Islamic culture. Future visitors should read up on the faith prior to visiting the Masjid so that they might feel a bit knowledgeable and comfortable while attending.

8. Did you notice any differences in the treatment of the elderly as compared to younger worshipers? (verbal involvement or nonverbal communication) I did notice that the elderly were more like teachers to the younger worshipers, and this is regard to the elderly having wisdom. In the Islamic faith, the elderly as consider to wise and teachers to the youth. If a youth honors the elderly, then when youth reach old age God will appoint someone to honor them; it is their duty to do so regardless of color and religion, per the teaching of the Quran.

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