Islamic Faith And The Sharia Law Essay

Islamic Faith And The Sharia Law Essay

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Muslims makes up 23% of the world’s population with a total population of 1.6 billion people. The countries with the most population being Indonesia, Pakistan and India at first, second and third place. Islam had influenced the world and still is influencing through the technological advancements in its countries and through other social problems from radical Muslims to Muslims being suppressed by their governments who use the Islamic faith and the sharia law to control the people. the Muslim world are protesting and revolting and started a new wave of Islamic movements which will change Muslim world and give freedom and rights to the men and women who live in their countries.
Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are some of the richest Muslim ruled countries. One hundred years ago United Arab Emirates was one of the poorest and weakest countries in the world, but with the discovery of oil in the region, it has gained a huge amount of money and economic power. When the country started selling the oil, the sheikhs in the country took power and started to use sharia law to govern. It has a federation of absolute hereditary monarchy; it is governed by 7 emirs each controlling their own emirates out of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates. Since Sharia law is used as guiding principle for the government and since men make up the government, the women are treated badly. The women of UAE are not allowed to leave their house without their husband or a man in their family. They are not allowed to drive and need to be driven by a man, they are allowed to divorce their husband but it’s very difficult and requires a court order while the men can divorce without involving the court. There are case where a women will get...

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...n NATO, Turkey is currently also fighting it’s against who are trying to suppress its people using religion. Turkey even though is majority Muslim, was never religious and didn’t use Sharia law to take rights away from its people. People are using masks to protect themselves and are striking against their governments. The Arab spring started a new movement in the Muslim world, the Muslims know that they don’t have to be suppressed and the women can have rights and they can be Muslims without being ruled by the sharia law. They know they can have a country where the women can go to school and get educated without getting shot and their kids can go to school safety. The men can go to work and there finally could be peace in the Middle East. The Islam world now knows that their governments are only using the Sharia law and their religion as a way to control the people.

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