Islam: The Five Pillars of Faith Essay

Islam: The Five Pillars of Faith Essay

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In the Middle East around the seventh century, a new religion was founded. This religion, Islam, according to, has since then earned a very prestigious place in the world as it accounts for over 1,500,000 followers (Islam Origins, Islam History, Islam Beliefs). It is the second largest monotheistic religion in the world, right after Christianity. The Prophet Muhammad is said to be the creator of this practice after claiming that Allah, the creator of the world, had spoken to him. There is no other Prophet, and, therefore, teachings of Muhammad the Prophet, whom acquired his teachings from revelations he received from Allah. Islam later fragmented into two branches called the Sunnis and the Shias. Each has their own beliefs on how Allah would want for them to carry out their lives. These branches are divided mainly by geographical factors.
However, Islam has certain factors that seem harsh and rigid towards the viewpoints of the West. Islam is a very strict monotheistic religion because it requires its followers to practice the Five Pillars of Faith, it requires Muslims to perform rigorous rituals, and it imposes a set of radical laws call Sharia. Even though it is strict, Islam is not practiced the same way in all Muslim countries. Some Muslim countries are secular, which are not strict at all. However the countries that have theocracies are the ones that are extremist and rigid.
All Muslims must practice the Five Pillars of Faith. The five pillars are Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Sawm, and Hajj. Shahadah translates directly to profession of faith, and it consists of the complete surrender to Islam. While praying, Muslims have to repeat “There is no God but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.” This statement is...

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...ast Africa, Egypt, Yemen, and Indonesia. This is done to females so that they won’t experience pleasure when having sexual intercourse.
As can be seen, Islam asks a lot from its followers. This religion contains a lot of restrictions and regulations that the West views as rigid. The harsh laws of Sharia are only one factor that adds to the severity of the fact that Islam is a strict way of living life. Women are mistreated since birth, the punishments for crimes are bestial, and Muslims must pray five times a day. These are just a few factors that add to the strictness of this religion. Compared to a Westerner’s way of life, Islam seems like an unfair religion. The people who practice Islam are so much less developed then other major religions that they continue to live the way they did decades ago just to conform to Allah’s writings.

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