Essay about Islam, Science, and Evolution

Essay about Islam, Science, and Evolution

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Since the 1800’s, the influence of Darwin’s theory of evolution has been taken into thorough consideration and repetitively debated to whether human biological development evolved from chimpanzees through out time along with the idea of how all life on earth came to existence. In fact, this theory has struck such a high level of controversey that it primarily became a crucial idea of intellectuality discussed within the West and around the world. Science and relegion have been the greatest factors which have shaped and mended values and ideas of western societies, essentially making a lasting impression on human history. Most writers and theologians believe that science and relegion are ideaologies which condradict one another and carry no common connection. Within the last few centuries, many reasons have been developed and expressed towards the idea of having to seperate both factors into different categories. For example, when church leaders decided to attack the theory of evolution, they began to come up with absurd statements on scientific issues which they were in no position of qualification to declare. Theologians have become attentive and very cautious when differiniating between scientific and relgious queries due to the acknowledgment that severe conflits and made up assertians have been and can be inflicted at any given situation. On the contrary, in Islamic beliefs, science is very much a major participant and is linked firmly with relegion rarely causing any conflicts or controversies and has also been the world’s religion for decades which proved most resistant to Darwinian evolution. In order to understand what the problem is, overlooking the actual controversy in which religious interest apperantly condemns scien...

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...ue to the idea that if God weren’t to have declared life upon human existence, then we wouldn’t be here right now. Everything is understood to happen only by God's will. Everything in the universe follows the laws of the Creator and the Creator only. Similarities and oppositions are no secret, the reations between Islam and evolution are clearly recognised. Religious scholars repititvly imply that if Islam were to be thoroughly studied by theologians and scientists, they will realise how great of a role science plays within Islamic beliefs. Whether this evolution was originally set by the Creator or is guided by Him are philosophical and religious concerns which have absolutely nothing to do with sceintificinquiry.
In conclusion, Islam, science, and evolution have always been connected before the theory of evolution came to life and will always remain connected.

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