Islam Is A Widespread Religion Essay

Islam Is A Widespread Religion Essay

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Currently, Islam is a widespread religion in America, with the numbers of Muslims increasing yearly. Although the number of Islamic faithful’s in America is high, it is a difficult task to find out their exact demographics within the country. The American law does not allow the U.S Census to ask respondents about their religious beliefs and affiliation. This explains why various studies on the figure of Muslims in America vary. For instance, there are more than 5 million Muslims in America according to the Muslim Council of America. On the other hand, the non-partisan Center for Immigration Studies claims that the number of Muslims in America lies between 3 million and 4 million. More studies carried out by the American Religious Identification by the City’s University of New York claim that the number of American Muslims is close to 3 million. Besides, some of the studies estimate the figure of Muslims in the country as high as six to seven million.
A number of historical studies indicate how Islam or rather Muslims integrated with the American society. For instance, some of the studies argue that Islam found its way in America in the 12th century when Columbus made his journey to the United States of America. Through his journey to America, he brought with him a book written by Portuguese Muslims. On the other hand, other studies argue that the African slaves introduced Islam to America. For instance, during the time of slavery, close to 15 percent of the African slaves were Muslims. They practiced their religious beliefs in private. Most of them had to convert to Christianity while others stood by their faith and remained Muslims, although under harsh conditions until the early years of the 20th century.
Besides that, the imm...

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...t to understand some of these issues. Based on numerous studies, Muslims are highly prejudiced in America since Americans fail to understand the manner, which Muslims lead their social life.
In conclusion, Islam is the second-largest religion in the world after Christianity. As discussed in the above paper, despite the increased prejudice against Islam in the United States, the religion is fast growing in the country. Although the number of Muslims in America is high, it is difficult to find out the exact number because the American law does not allow the U.S Census to ask respondents about their religious beliefs and affiliation. Some of the studies approximate the number to 4 million. Islam originated in America because of migration of Muslims from various countries. As discussed, after the 9/11, there has been an increase in prejudice against Islam in America.

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