Islam and Democracy: Can They Coincide? Essay

Islam and Democracy: Can They Coincide? Essay

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The western world is constantly telling countries in the Middle East and in northern African countries who are predominantly Muslim, to build a democratic government and their troubles will be solved. This leads one to ask the question Can Islam and a democracy coinside together? Democracy gives power to the people and in that power the people can elect and choose a politician to represent the people and not just Islam. Before one answers that question there are several factors into why it has been an uphill battle for Muslim countries to build a successful democratic government. History shows Muslim countries have lived in non democratic states, so democracy is completely unfilmilrue and the people can’t relate to democracy like they can relate to Shira law. It should also be noted that Muslims believe the Quran is the word of god and Shira law govern Muslims according to the Quran. Muslim clerics look at democracy as a government created by man and Shira law the word of God; this creates a dilemma for Muslim countries which law is better mans law or God’s law? The Koran is not only Holy Scriptures, but also a guide to how to live one’s life. And the Koran, in regard to governing, advises governing with the consent of the governed.
Religions are replete with multiple narratives and several interpretations of almost every facet of a faith. Islam is no different: it is a religion concerned with salvation, not a political ideology competing with capitalism and democracy.The prophet Muhammad bequeathed to us no fixed system of government, but taught Muslims the importance of justice and equality, and of eliminating corruption and bringing rulers to account. The Koran commands Muslims to decide on matters with “shura” or consultation...

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... to effectively assert their rights, and in some countries young people are agitating against government oppression. This leaves many Islamic countries with the hope of democracy spreading from Egypt and into the Middle East.

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