Essay on Islam, A Monotheistic Religion

Essay on Islam, A Monotheistic Religion

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Islam, a monotheistic religion that is solely based in social justice and the belief that there is only one god, the creator. Where the life of Prophet Muhammad is an example and teaching towards the following of the straight path to be lived in this world. Through having as, a guidance the sacred literature the Qur’an. The main source of Allah’s words. Islam’s dharmic world’s views of how authority, cosmology, family, life cycle and morality explain this religion and give us an inside view of how it integrates into its Muslim followers lives. In its beliefs and differences with other South Asian religions.
Authority in the Islamic religion is viewed in the Islamic laws that are composed of the Qur’an, the Sunnah and the Hadith. Where the sacred text of the Qur’an, “the word of God” (Pechilis 205) is seen as the primary authority within all Muslims. Since, it provides all Muslim followers on “how to live a Muslim life that will be rewarded with the pleasures of Paradise after the Day of Judgment” (Pechilis 202). The Sunnah are the “lived examples of the Prophet Muhammad” (Pechilis 204) which due to being the final prophet and messenger of God, Muhammad is portrayed, as an exceptional human being. He should be followed and was a living example of how to live life. Another sacred text viewed, as authority is the Hadith based on as a “comprehensive guide to all aspects of belief, practice, and daily conduct” (Pechilis 204). Islamic laws, also focus on how to protect life and the relation one has with God and the other people they interact with. These laws are a way of how to control many aspects of one’s interpersonal life from morality, belief and etiquette. These laws are, also a “guidance in order to keep Muslims in the “straigh...

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... is only one God and that Muhammad is one of his messengers. The second pillar is prayer that is done five times a day. The third pillar is the giving of alms to the poor or people in need. Removing of “a small percentage of their excess wealth” (Pechilis 212) for the providing of food and clothing. Fasting is the fourth pillar that is done in the month of Ramadan. And the fifth pillar is the pilgrimage to Mecca that is obligatory to do once during a person’s lifetime. These five pillars are seen as a guide to righteous morality in the Islam religion.
Islam is a religion with many interesting views of faith and ways of practicing them. This religion identifies itself solely from other South Asian religions due to its dharmic world’s views. Through them it explains itself uniquely and expresses its beliefs clearly. Building, of Islam a religion with diverse views.

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