The Isis As A Global Threat Essay

The Isis As A Global Threat Essay

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The ISIS as a Global Threat
By: Erik Middlewood

We have seen a lot of news articles regarding the ISIS lately. So, what is the ISIS? They are a terrorist group called the Islamic State (IS). They also go by the names Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Later, the name was shortened to Islamic State. However, Westerners still use the acronyms ISIS or ISIL. They have existed since 2010, operating mostly underground until the past summer, when they emerged as a global threat. Their goals are to create a utopia for Muslims and to enforce a strict Sharia law. What is Sharia law? It is an ancient set of Islamic laws that can be interpreted in many ways, but in the strictest sense, it is the infallible law of God. In places where Sharia law is enforced, there are often punishments such as amputation of body parts, execution, and stoning. These harsh penalties are often used to instill fear in both Muslims and non-Muslims.

The Islamic State does not accurately represent the Muslim world. Most Muslims condemn their extremist actions. ISIS has committed war atrocities, violating the Geneva Conventions, which urged the international coalition to combat the IS fighters.

Recently, several Western journalists have been beheaded by the IS. Several Americans and Britons went to Syria to provide humanitarian aid as well as accurate reports of the Syrian Civil War, and ended up captured by the IS. So far, two Americans have been beheaded, and the IS said to President Obama that as long as bombs keep killing their people, the IS would keep killing Americans. The IS took advantage of the chaos that accompanied the Syrian Civil War by gaining control of large swathes of Syria’s land.

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...ave abandoned military vehicles and decided to use civilian transportation such as cars, trucks, and buses. The extremists are blending into the local population, which makes it difficult for the coalition to strike from the air.

We are being drawn into another long conflict. The international coalition faces a challenge: Do we continue to be patient and continue to give airstrike-only campaigns a chance or do we deploy coalition troops onto the ground to assist the FSA, the Kurds, and the Iraqi in fighting the IS? Several countries are debating whether to send NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) troops to the Turkey-Syria border. If Kobane, the final frontier before the border, falls, IS fighters will control most of the five hundred-mile border with Turkey. From there, what is to prevent them from attempting to extend their caliphate (territory) into Turkey?

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