Isaiah 40:1-2

Isaiah 40:1-2

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Isaiah 40:1-2

Table of Contents
A. Introduction

B. Critical Issues to the Book Of Isaiah
a. Deutero Isaiah Vs United Isaiah
b. History Vs. Prophecy

C. Introduction to the Text
a. Literary Context
b. Prophetic Genre

D. Exegetical Analysis
a. Words of Interest
b. Aspect of Interest
c. Theological Significance

E. Conclusion

A. Introduction

" Isaiah was the greatest of the Hebrew prophets. His general prophecies are without

equal as far as beauty of style, versatility of treatment, brilliance of imagery, and splendor of

diction are concerned." A sample of the truth of this statement can be found in the

passage Isaiah 40:1-2. Within the passage the realization of special relationship with God and

His People can be found. And "with great force and elegance; declaring God’s command

to his messengers the prophets to comfort his people in their captivity, and to impart to

them the glad tidings that the time of favour and deliverance was at hand", . With these

great statements the study going to relay on the understanding of the critical issues debate

about the book of Isaiah and give overview of the context of the passage with exegetical

analysis .

Critical Issues

Two critical debates significant in the study of the book of Isaiah, the debate between

deutero Isaiah and unified Isaiah. And the debate History Vs. Prophecy those debates put the
scholars in dispute about the authorship of the book, those who believe that “the Prophet in
Chaps. 40–55. Unlike other prophetic books, Isaiah chaps. 40–55 have no introductory
heading like “The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz”,” this debate started since” the 18th
century certain Bible critics have questioned the unity of the Book of Isaiah. Late in the 19th
century a theory emerged that ascribed chapters 40–66 to an unknown prophet a deutero
(“second”) Isaiah presumably living among the exiles in Babylon.

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” but these scholars relay on
the historical events and style not on prophetical events thus the “ Stylistic considerations are
no longer a major factor in arguments concerning the book’s authorship; liberal as well as
conservative critics recognize that usage may depend on subject matter, setting, or purpose, as
well as the prophet’s personal development. The primary issue dividing critical scholars and
conservative or traditional interpreters remains the nature of biblical prophecy. If prophecy is
essentially predictive the historical allusions and theological concerns of the second portion of
the book would not be unseemly for a prophet living some 150 years before the events
addressed.” Those arguments established each other but subsided when the Qumran scrolls
were found comparing with todays book , ”The St Mark’s Isaiah Scroll from Qumran is our
oldest Hebrew manuscript, possibly dating from 100 bc and taking us back a thousand years
behind the Ben Asher text of the Massoretic Text (ad 1009). The overwhelming identity of this
text with the Massoretic Text indicates the reliance we can place on what we have inherited
and the astonishing care and accuracy of the copyists.” On the base of these facts its more
logical to establish the study on the prophetic unified Isaiah .

Introduction to the Text
Many scholars going through the book of Isaiah into two or three stages. In this study two major stages will be taken that can be seen clearly, Condemnation and Consolation.
In the first thirty nine chapters the prophet Isaiah talk about “Israel and Judah had sinned
against the Law of God and were even more guilty than their neighbors, but the Gentile nations
would not escape God’s wrath”.
The next twenty seven chapters Isaiah had a word of promise to Judah that God would deliver
Jerusalem and His people from the enemy for the sake of His Covenant. There was also a word
of hope for the future Jewish exiles in Babylon, that God would rescue them and help them
restore their nation and their temple. But the greatest message” In Isaiah’s prophecy, this first
taste of salvation merges with predictions of the full salvation that Jesus Christ would bring”.
In the book of Isaiah within its literary context and genre, one will conclude the specific order of
thought and theme throughout the book of Isaiah – Condemnation and Consolation, this order
of thought is not only important to the book of Isaiah, but to the whole cannon of Scripture,
and genre is important in realizing the significance of inspiration upon Isaiah as a prophet of
God. Thus one can see that literary context and genre are extremely important in the
exegetical process of examining a passage.

Exegetical Analysis
In this section the method that will be used is the recognition of the
words that gives significance to the passage. The words “comfort”, ”my”, and
“your” hold a great theological significance and represent the true voice of god.
.“Comfort, yes, comfort”
The word “comfort” “God will not continue his course of physic unto them
one day beyond health recovered. This is all the fruit of their afflictions, to take
away their iniquities.” According to the prophecy of Isaiah the assumptions of
affliction would happen in exile. When the word “comfort” arises it was a
declaration and when “twice repeated to give double assurance. Having
announced the coming captivity of the Jews in Babylon, God now desires his
servants, the prophets (Is 52:7), to comfort them”. This declaration and
assurance reflect “by which he intimates that he will send not one or another, but
a vast multitude of prophets; and this he actually accomplished, by which we see
more clearly his infinite goodness and mercy”.

The word “comfort” means soothe, relieve, ease A. But in the verse the meaning
take us much deeper and to the source of the cause of discomfort and there is a
twofold meaning and importance in understanding the term and the full meaning
to it 1. Implications of affliction 11, 2.the urgency cares and love “God indicated
that He would “comfort” Jerusalem with the restoration of Israel, as a mother
(Isa. 66:13).
“.,,,,,,, My people, Says your God.”
The word “my” it a proclamation of Gods relationship and more than a sense of
ownership, this claim refer to “The nation Israel, being God’s ‘firstborn son’ (Exod
4:22).” Likewise in this nature, the term “your” referring to Israel .when the
terms “my” and “your” appear in the passage it “evokes the covenantal
relationship between God and Israel (Ex. 6:7).”

.” Speak comfort ,,,,,,,,,, she has received from the Lord’s hand Double for all her sins.”

Here God tells the listener to “Speak comfort to Jerusalem” and tell

“her” that all of her sins is paid for and it received double the amount of

suffering for her sins .“According to Israelite custom, when the members of a

family received an inheritance from their father, the eldest son received twice

the amount that the others received. The people’s punishment in being taken

captive to Babylon is proof that they are still God’s ‘firstborn son’ and that he

still has a special love for them. Now that he has dealt with their sins, he is

ready to bless them afresh.”

Following the events of the Old Testament that lead to the exile, Israel sins brought its reward

many times, this give a clear understanding of the origin of this view.

The suffering experience due to the disobedience of Israel concerning the relationship with

God, in spite of that God pardon them with compensation and restoration.

In the verses 1&2 a three facts can be presented 1.God has relationship with his people.
2. God provides deliverance for sin, and 3.God is faithful and covenant keeper.
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