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Is Zipcar A High Potential Venture Essays

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Based on Criteria’s of Evaluating Venture Opportunities there are several key indicators that shows that Zipcar is indeed a high potential venture. Below are the criteria in brief
1.0 Industry & Market
Market: The revolutionary concept certainly provides an alternative to public transport. Furthermore the car sharing concept is really useful for the public in a overcrowded city with limited parking & expensive parking fees. This is clearly not an untouched segment because there are other 2 competitors operating.
• Customer: The target customers are educated and internet savvy urban dwelling people.
• User Benefits: Non car owners will have the service at their disposal when ever they require thru reserving it on the web.
• Value added: All billings are done online and is hassle free. Users have access to utilization data. System is fully automated with wireless data sending and receiving.
• Product life: Product will be long life as annual market growth is expected to be 30%.
1.1 Market Structure
As I mentioned earlier, the market is not completely untapped, but the other competitors are concentrating in the metropolitan area. The whole US market is still available to be ventured into.
1.2 Market Size
The potential market size is huge, as forecasted, in 14 metropolitan cities it would be $200 million.
1.3 Growth Rate
The annual growth rate is expected to be 30 %.
1.4 Market Capacity
It’s at its fullest capacity, as only Portland & Seattle have similar services.
1.4 Market share attainable (Year 5)
It is capable of capturing 13.8% of the market share. It is not a market leader, but with continuous development & effort has the potential to be a market leader.

1.5 Cost Structure
ZipCar is a low cost provider. Ma...

... middle of paper ...

...nal Criteria

6.1 Goals and fit
The founders have potential success with moderate risk. The founders are also very passionate with their idea.
6.2 Upside / downside issues
ZipCar founders have invested their own money into the venture and have been seen taking salary cuts.
6.3 Desirability
The founders thrive under pressure working hard to locate funding for ZipCar.
7.0 Strategic Differentiation

7.1 Degree of fit
The venture has a revolutionary service concept that serves the purpose and customer needs.
7.2 Team
The founders have good fundamental in finance and management background.
7.3 Service management

7.4 Timing
7.5 Technology
7.6 Flexibility
7.7 Opportunity orientation
7.8 Pricing
7.9 Distribution channels
7.10 Room for error


Based on the criteria discussed above, ZipCar is a high potential venture with good returns.

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