Is Workplace Incivility From The Senior Members And Bob Knowlton? Essay

Is Workplace Incivility From The Senior Members And Bob Knowlton? Essay

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Finding of Fact #1: With the addition of Simon Fester to the Lab Team it is evident from the start that there was workplace incivility from the senior members and Bob Knowlton. The members feel threatened by the knowledge level of Fester and his habit of speaking his mind and pointing out mistakes make by the existing team.
Recommendation #1: In chapter 8 on pages 225 and 226 we learned about Interpersonal Relations. Within interpersonal relations there is Workplace Incivility, which is rudeness, lack of regard for one another, and the violation of workplace norms for mutual respect. With the arrival of new personnel the current status and balance of power is subject to a reshuffle and existing members feel threatened. The relationships among groups and team members are often influences on how employees react to other stressors. A Team Leader or Manger must monitor all employees when a new edition becomes part of the team. It is the job of the leader/manger to ensure employees achieve personal and organizational goals, maintain open lines of communications, and discourage any form of office politics. Any incivility that negatively impacts individual and organizational performance must be identified and dealt with as to stop any further incidents. The leader/manager must exercise team empowerment assuring all members perceive themselves and others as being competent and able to accomplish work-related goals and experience a sense of importance. An effective team with open lines of communications and clear goals will not feel threatened by any additions to this team. Group and Team building sessions should be utilized quarterly to build a stronger team and strengthen personal relations among members as well. Team memb...

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... lines of communication and keeping them informed. Successfully changing behaviors can improve individual and team processes in decision making, problem identification, problem solving, communication, and working relationships. Team building methods should also be implemented to strengthen the relationships of individual employees. These actions will build partnerships, trust, and employee commitment. A supervisor/manager must be trained or possess managerial competencies needed to achieve organizational change because it is a very difficult process to manage. Once the supervisor/manager has the required training the planned change should be communicated to the employees and lines of communication should remain open to ensure all involved are operating towards the same goal. These actions will ensure the organization is well positioned to change and will prosper.

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