Essay on Is Working Too Much A Good Thing?

Essay on Is Working Too Much A Good Thing?

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Everyone in the world works, working hard is a good thing. But is working too much a good thing? This problem seems happen in America in a worth considering way when America is noticed as the most overworked developed Nation in the world. Americans work too many hours in comparison to their peers around the world. Why they have to work that much? Do they think they work too much? Or just because they can 't find anything more interesting than working? Do Americans work too much because they want to or because they have to? With much speculation, this topic has become a very intriguing argument.
In the article “Americans Are Overworked, but Still Surprisingly Happy on the Job,” author Suzanne Lucas presents the idea that many Americans are overworked, but majority of them feel more satisfied. It’s better than sitting at your job and doing nothing, because you will feel lazy and lose interest in working. She also indicates that overworking have nothing to do with being happy, but it will lead to burnout. Being overwhelmed with too much information and constantly connected to work through technology after hours can cause burnout. And it may be hurt productivity. According to the survey conducted by Staples Advantage, many respondents acknowledged they receive numerous of emails everyday, and it decrease their productivity. Lucas states that burnout can put the business at risk, because it’s one of the biggest reason why people want to switch job. In addition to prevent burnout, she suggests the managers to put less stress on their employees. Such as giving a right amount of workload and due date. In conclusion, Lucas illustrates examples of providing the workers with more furlough day, advanced technology, benefits, or a better wor...

... middle of paper ... balance due to the company’s policies. It puts a negative effect on the workers’ families and businesses. He mentions that employees don’t get enough paid leave if they or their family gets sick. Most people are scared to let others know that they have children, because they don’t want to be accused of being lazy. I believe having a good balance is always the key to a healthy living. If you are sacrificing quality family time for work, you are putting your relationship with your family in risk. You might reach the top of the corporate ladder at a much faster rate, but is it worth it? Living in this competitive world, we need to clearly understand what we need to prioritize. Businesses can help their employees by providing paid leave or paid vacation and follow the Labor Standards Act. So the workers are able to spend some time with their family once in awhile.

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