Essay on Is Wind Energy Environmentally On Fossil Fuels?

Essay on Is Wind Energy Environmentally On Fossil Fuels?

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The push to become less reliant on fossil fuels powering our society is becoming more and more urgent. Fossils such as coal can cause severe air pollution and oil poses major threats to the environment with the possibility of oil spills. Developing a dependence on renewable energies, such as solar, wind, or biofuels holds a vast amount of importance because of the arte at which fossil fuels have caused the environment to deteriorate. In order to prevent the damages fossil fuels, innovations and inventions are constantly developing and changing within renewable resources. Wind energy or wind power defines the process in which, wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power. Wind energy is the fastest-growing source of electricity in the world. Furthermore, currently wind energy is at its most efficient and cost effective state.
A recent invention within the field of wind energy is the bladeless turbine
A Spanish company called Vortex Bladeless has produced a multi-patented bladeless electric wind generator, or an alternative to a wind turbine. . Instead of using the spinning blades to power a generator, Vortex Bladeless ' utilizes oscillating wind turbulence to achieve the same goal. Several other countries have made similar advances by eliminating the blade the turbines, but Vortex will be the key focus. It is a simpler design, the turbine is a hollow straw-like structure that sticks up 40 feet from the ground and vibrates or wiggles. The structure attracts whirlwinds which develop frequencies depending on the speed of the wind, when the frequency of the whirlwinds coincides with the frequency of the structure, the energy is absorbed due to aero...

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...ower or energy, the idea has been around since as early as the 1980s. Solar Energy Research Institute studied the idea, and the problems that arose were not the oscillating turbines ability to generate power, but concerns were focused more heavily on the endurance of the structure. The argument is the worry that the structure will be unable to handle the stress and the type of movement oscillating turbine do to generate power may lead to mechanical failures. Refuting these arguments are very possible, for example the attack on bladeless turbines endurance and mechanical strength is based off of studies dated over 35 years ago. Engineering and wind energy has had ample time to advance. Additionally, the concern for lack of constant winds will be a disadvantage to all wind power, and the advantages of the bladeless turbine outweigh the issue of unpredictable winds.

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