Is Wayne County High School? Essay

Is Wayne County High School? Essay

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In Wayne County there is a wide variety of characters. From doctors, to working class heroes, to flat out low lives. What do all these people have in common? They begin their path to whatever may lay ahead at Wayne County High School. The birthplace of all that is Wayne County.
As I have watched and experienced over the years, the journey starts freshmen year. Walking up the hill on the sidewalk, dew still on the grass, through those doors into the biggest building on the whole campus, your judgement day can seem a little intimidating, but one soon learns that Wayne County High is not as scary as it seems. Once the new school jitters wear off it is time for the work to start. Eight hours a day of slacking, copying, and a little hard work cannot be too bad. Adding in all the usual school drama and you have yourself something to keep you interested.
Once the first year is over it is all downhill. Tenth grade and the ensuing years go by like a breeze which is a good and bad thing. You think it is all the time in the world but it is not. The only thing that eases the pain of inching closer to adulthood is the great people you meet. Granted, there are always going to be those schoolmates and teachers you want to get kicked out, but other than that it is tolerable. Getting acquainted with people you never imagined is not an odd occurrence here. Having the freedom to choose whatever classes you want helps in the process of meeting new friends. Social classes and stereotypes play a minimal factor at Wayne County. Everyone talks to everyone, which is one perk of the small town, small school life.
When writing about high school, you always have to mention the school food whether it is positive or negative. In this case it is negative....

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...ying a house, getting a job, raising a family, and wish you could wake up four years earlier.
All in all the high school experience anywhere is going to be something anyone can cherish and look back on, but Wayne County High School is different. Perhaps it is just because I go here and I am biased, but this school has a feel of its own. Cowboy boots and wranglers, to skinny jeans and vans, to button downs and prep shorts, WCHS has a lot to bring to the table. The ups and downs, the rises and falls, attending Wayne County schools is an experience like no other, and I could not be any happier than to of been here for the past four years watching, listening, and experiencing everything there is about being a Cardinal. After my high school journey is over I will miss it and all the memories I made, but I will have to move on knowing I would not want a thing to change.

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