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The book “Is Voting for Young People?” was written by Martin P. Wattenberg from the University of California, Irvine. The book is a breakdown of what how the youth of our nation and many other democratic nations fit into the scope of politics and voting. The questioned asked is found in the title, is voting for the youth and in addition are they voting? The book starts in a very general and open viewpoint and ends on very specific point and factors. The author views the affiliation of each aspect of a reason why most people vote or what is put in place to encourage people to vote on the youth. It recently received new chapters on the 2008 and the 2010, elections because many say that this was a time when the youth of the recent nation came forward. The best way to review this book will be to break down the book chapter by chapter by the summarizing the chapter, showing authors assumptions, and finally me own perception of the chapter. I believe that this book has god information with stats and data backing it, but has some assumption along the due to the lack of the proper questions being asked. Is the youth really not voting due to lack of exposure or is it for another reason?
The first chapter deals with the reading of newspapers and the demographic of who reads. Throughout this chapter there is a ton of data that bring to light that there has been a sharp decline in the reading of the newspaper in general. It is shown that back in the 20’s- mid 90’s, most people were reading the newspaper less everyday (13). During the newspaper heyday many people read one to two papers a day to get their information and entail created a daily routine in there life. This routine has since stopped and have led many to wonder where all the read...

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...k I am unable to find time to make it to the polls, but I often view myself as a person knowing what is and has happened. I was ready to see how little the youth knew about the current events but I was shocked to see just how little people knew. This was somewhat troubling. A point that the author really needed to shine light on is the fact that the youth were able to show that they knew more about controversial topics. I think this speaks directly to the lack of people watching the news. Old people will always watch the news but their station choice might decide not to show a controversial topic in an attempt to not offend and or loss an audience member. These controversial topics are very interesting and most people will go out of their way to know more about it, call it more entertaining or in better words more interesting than the current format of news delivery.

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