Is Vocational Schooling Facilitate Criminal Offending? Essay

Is Vocational Schooling Facilitate Criminal Offending? Essay

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The researchers in this article called Does vocational schooling facilitate criminal offending try to study how participation in vocation education is perceived to be criminogenic. One major aim of vocational schools is to offer training programs to various students especially poor students that may tend to have behavioral problems. Finland is usually associated with such kinds of schools as most of its educational systems are strongly separated by gender. In relation to this, Finland’s educational systems also tend to attract a large number of students who are perceived as poor and identified with behavioral problems. The hypothesis of this article is that vocational education or schooling can lead to criminal involvement.
The fact that most of the Finland educational systems normally streams students in different education tracks, for instance, some of the students are streamed in vocational schools where students may get exposed to delinquent peers. This in advance can make some of the students copy bad behaviors from delinquent peers. Another reason is that due to the circumstance that these peers are jailed because of conduction of minor crimes, the students who are streamed in these vocational schools may copy some criminal acts. The researchers in this study are investigating ways in which such kind of vocation can facilitate criminal involvement.
The first three principles of the differential association theory mentions that criminal behavior is learned in the process of social interaction, particularly within intimate personal groups. The results of this study suggest that participation in vocational education is a strong predictor of the male offending students regardless of the presence of a certain set of controls...

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...ho are less dangerous to the society. Havelock Ellis also proposed a similar theory to the one of Lombroso, but instead of using the term born criminal he called them instinctive criminal. Goring criticizes Lombroso work by saying that the problem with his theory is that he combines those ideas the normal and the average without having knowledge of the standard statistical distribution of criminality. Goring had similar ideas of how to battle those inherited tendencies prone to criminality except that he wanted to regulate the reproduction of these people in order to stop them from infecting the rest of the society. Anyways, as it goes on with other scholars most of them basing their ideas on the research done by Lombroso. However, it does have slightly changes to it in the way of how they thought those criminals were supposed to be punish, and the body economies.

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