Is Virtue A Good Or Superior Trait Like Honesty? Essay

Is Virtue A Good Or Superior Trait Like Honesty? Essay

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Just like every other week, week six was very interesting and great to read and learn. This week we learn about virtue ethics. Virtue is a good or superior trait like honesty. Where as the opposite of this vices is moral depravity or corruption like ignorance.
Virtue ethic claims that by practicing this skill it may lead to development of and honing of a person 's ethical character.
The difference between this ethic and other ethic is that virtue has to do with you and only you. Where as like utilitarianism is about the best for the group that is affecting them. So let us say that to make the most people happy you have to lie to your boss, in utilitarianism this is okay to do but with virtue it is wrong because you are being dishonest with yourself.
Aristotle believe that human being can developed good character because it 's who we are, and he called this teleological cause. There 's two different type of cause you have efficient cause this is like your enlisted soldier that are doing pt every morning and another cause is we do pt because it is good for the effectiveness of our readiness to deploy and this is teleological cause.
Aristotle also had another thing called eudaimonia, this is looking at the bigger picture. Think about it this way when you eat right and work out why do you this? Yes to have a better body and feel better but Aristotle said no you do it to be happy with yourself. We want the good life not for other reason but simply because we want to be happy that is what Aristotle calls eudaimonia. But there 's more to it than just being happy, when you where a little kid and your best friend move to another city you where sad but deep inside you there was something trying to cheer you up and that is your eudai...

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... in class John might not lie and tell that individual he can 't help because he doesn 't understand, so he can get ahead instead of the other guy.
Confucius pretty much say practice makes perfect. He say that instead of lying and not helping that other guy he should help him. John can accept the fact it is hard to get into medical school but helping others that his virtue behavior can affect others around him.
Aristotle and Confucius say that we all need help that we can 't do this alone. Having a role model makes a difference and if you can 't find one, there 's a history of people that have been great role model they don 't have to exist to be a role model.
Have you ever came across someone and you felt there present. That you can tell they make a different on other. You can tell all this even without you knowing the person this is what we call virtue power.

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