Is Violence Constructed By Society?

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Violence Every human being has their own unique identity. It is unique because they have different kinds of thoughts and personalities. Humans analyze problems differently. Some think that problems have solutions and other don’t even think, they just react. Reacting to a problem can be dangerous when not thinking of what is being done. In today’s society, people are seen out on the street screaming and honking of other cars. This behavior is an instinct that comes out of a human when they probably don’t like something. Psychologist, who are people who study human behaviors, are interested in learning about humans’ brains. Psychologists are interested in knowing if humans are inherently violent beings, or do they learn how to be violent. Statistics show how the amount of violence has increased in some society and how it has decreased in others. So, the question is: “Is violence constructed by society?” I knew this research topic was going to be challenging because of all the different results that can be found. I wanted to go further with a topic that could be more than interesting. I believe that learning if violence is constructed by society, can be very knowledgeable. I went to google and searched for the question. Results of different website appear, so I open one and read about an original experiment and the movie. I started my research by watching, “The Stanford Prison Experiment” movie that illustrate how violence is constructed, by society with an experiment. This is an experiment done by a psychologist named Phillip Zimbardo. Zimbardo wanted to experiment with humans to find out if the society they were living, which was prison, will construct violence to the one that didn’t know much about it. He randomly selected peopl... ... middle of paper ... ... I will remember this website before I criticize or discriminate anyone. This resource reinforces that society construct violence. In conclusion, in the beginning of this research I didn’t know if violence was constructed by society. It wasn’t easy to not continue gathering more information because there are a lot of factors that concludes that violence is constructed by society. We have to try our best to be the best as possible, and not to be influence of society. I am going to comment my friend or people I know about how society construct violence, so they have knowledge about how avoiding getting the influence of violence. It would be a better world if society would not interfere of violence. Thus, I will try my best to not be violent and to forget about society. Hopefully, the final project will guide to a better answer: “If violence is constructed by society”?
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