Is Veganism Safe For Children Essay

Is Veganism Safe For Children Essay

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Is Veganism Safe for Children
The current hottest lifestyle trend is being vegan, but is there a downfall? Adults are not the only people becoming vegans, so are children. More and more parents are raising their children to become vegans, but is raising children on veganism actually safe? It is vital that growing children are consuming the proper amount of vitamins. Once an infant turns over six months, iron and vegetables need to be introduced into their diets. Once the infant is over eight months, the parent should introduce protein-rich food. Children need to consume foods with high calories and high nutritional value such as omega 3, vitamin B12 (needed for healthy blood and nerve function), vitamin D, calcium, and iron. Many children being raised on vegan diets are lacking key nutrients; therefore, parents should take proper precautions to make sure their children are getting a well-balanced diet.
The main problem with raising children on veganism is making sure the children are getting a well-balanced diet. According to pediatric dietician, Helen Wilcock,” vegan children are more prone to be deficient in vitamin D, calcium, iron and possibly vitamin B12, so they need supplements” (qtd. in Moorhead). Some parents are forcing their children to be vegans but are not giving the children supplements and vitamins along with the meals. Additional supplements and vitamins are the key ingredients to avoid the children becoming malnourished.
An Italian toddler was taken to the hospital to have an emergency surgery because of a heart condition which was made worse with dangerously low levels of calcium (Rinkunas). The 14-month-old toddler’s parents fed him on a vegan diet without providing supplements; the hospital reported the cas...

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...dairy, animal protein and oils are to the development of a child. Dr. Alastair Sutcliffe, a senior lecturer in pediatrics at University College London, recommends that parents should consider raising their children as vegetarian, since children are more vulnerable as vegans.
Nevertheless, parents are going to raise their children however they want; disregarding some of the downfalls of raising a child on veganism. Veganism can be suitable for children, if and only if parents are knowledgeable and provide well-balanced meals along with supplements that the child might lack. If parents do not want to put in the time and effort, then they should consider another lifestyle. Parents thinking about raising children on veganism should consult a nutritionist to get the most out of the vegan diet. To find more information about veganism visit

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