Is University Will You Attend? Essays

Is University Will You Attend? Essays

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Which university will you attend? What are you planning on majoring in? Are you going to move out after high school? What are your career plans? Questions I hear daily, yet remain unanswered. This is just a small part of the struggles we teenagers face every single day. Balancing school, extra curriculars, work and a social life all while maintaining physical and mental health proves to be practically impossible these days. Although our parents try their best to make our transition into adulthood as seamless as possible, it happens in the blink of an eye. One day you’re being treated like a child and the next you’re expected to be a well rounded young adult able to provide for yourself and handle the weight of the real world.
As a child, I never understood why people would complain about having to go to school. You got to see your friends, play outside and even learn some new things. Now that the fun and games are a thing of the past, I think I finally understand. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy learning and I’m always searching for ways to further my education but even after spending the last 13 years of my life cooped up in classrooms, I don’t feel fully prepared for the reality I will be facing in 10 short months. In the past years, I’ve spent countless hours in school learning about quadratic formulas and the constant feuds occurring in Canadian history, yet I still don’t understand how taxes work or have even the slightest idea of what my life after high school should look like. My parents expect me to be off to university as soon as I graduate but how am I supposed to know which program I truly want to study? How am I supposed to have an exact idea of what my career will look like? I feel like I’ve barely experienced what the w...

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... and that things won’t always go as planned, but with a type A personality like mine, it proves to be quite the challenge.
Our teenage years are often referred to as “the best years of our lives” but amongst all the expectations we must fulfill, I can’t say that I agree. I feel like I’m drowning in an ocean of stress that I have created for myself and there’s no one around to rescue me. The thought of becoming totally independent after all these years spent wrapped in a security blanket created by my parents is terrifying and I’m trying my best to repress the thought of it for as long as possible. Less than a year from now I’ll be off to university and an official member of the real world and I have no clue how I’ll be able to handle that. Maybe one day I’ll find my place in this world but for now I’m just your average teenager trying to make sense of this whole mess.

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