Is University Programs Improve Educational Programs? Essay

Is University Programs Improve Educational Programs? Essay

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reveal their thoughts and opinions about course work and training they received, and whether or not they felt prepared or qualified to teach in classrooms where the Black student population is over 50%. This section will also reveal the importance of university programs strengthening their programs by including courses which deal with cultural competency and Whiteness.
Sara felt that for the most part that her college program had been very good in regards to teaching her the content, and she explained how her instructors would provide them with different scenarios to help emphasize what she was expected to teach, however, the program did not prepare her to teach Black students. Sara shared that one of the things that she believes helped her with her Black students was her exposure to various cultural groups and backgrounds while she was in college. Sara explained,
as far as my coursework is concerned, I can truly say that it in no way prepared me for teaching Black students or any other cultural groups. There was not enough built in to the curriculum that dealt with multiculturalism or diversity.
Kim answered this question with an emphatic no. She does not feel that her college prepared her for teaching diverse populations of students, specifically Black students. Kim stated that this is because
I was always in AP classes and though the demographic is mixed we all know that there are not the right percentages of mixed cultures in those classes. An um I still was amongst every race possible, but it tended to be more White, Asian, and Hispanic. Though a lot of my friends are Black. They are not the stereo typical Black, so it is a big change.
To be fair, Kim admitted that because she did not go through a teacher education program, t...

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...ate than their White peers (Glazer, 2007).
The participants acknowledged that they are aware that the achievement gap exists and openly shared with me what they believe to be the causes.
Sara acknowledged that she is very much aware that Black students are still falling way behind their White counterparts. She began to explain that she feels one of the main causes for her Black students not succeeding academically is because there is a disconnect in the classroom because Black students are being taught by mostly White teachers. She feels being placed in those situations might make the Black students feel as though they cannot be successful because this is not what they see, and she thought that it would help her Black students to be exposed to more successful Black role models. According to Lynch (2006) suggests that one of the reasons Black students fail to achieve

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