Is Torture Morally Right And Wrong? Essay

Is Torture Morally Right And Wrong? Essay

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A Means to An End
Torture, one word that has lead to countless verbal and psychological debates, the center focusing in on what is morally right and wrong. But what sets the standard for right and wrong? And who determines those standards? Is it ever acceptable to spare one person at the expense of many others? Contrarily, is it wrong to force one person’s life on the line to possibly have a chance of saving those people? Both sides bring much criticism and are often clouded by the orator’s personal bias. However digging deeper into the polluted mire that is torture, the water begins to clear and a truth emerges as to what path will lead to the preserving of the conscience.
While most individuals feel justified in personally determining their own standard of right and wrong, the means by which those standards are imposed on the accused tends to fall outside personal view. While this simple statement of who determines what methods are acceptable seems benign, it is in fact crucial as one person may deem fit “cruel punishment” while another may not. “In his recently released memoir Decision Points, George W. Bush admitted that he enthusiastically authorized that certain detainees be waterboarded – or tortured, a crime under domestic and international law” (Constitutional rights 1). While to some this may seem inconsequential it is the center to the malignant growth. If the president, the leader of our country, can openly admit to breaking a moral law with no negative repercussions then what sort of message does this put out about the US as a nation. But who cares about our national image? After all, nobody has to see the faces of said inflicted, and really they are just a name easily swept under the rug. But lets put you in the pos...

... middle of paper ... irreversible, unsanctionable action. Furthermore, those that state it is in some cases “appropriate,” are simply trying to give an answer that blurs the truth. Often times, if you have to question whether a decision is right or wrong then the answer is the latter of the two. “Dershowitz points out, a more fundamental issue seems to be whether, once torture is legitimized, any and all other forms of governmental action can be justified because no other such action carries with it the same level of intrusion into the rights of an individual” (Dershowitz 523). By this it is evident that the use of torture should always be prohibited, and never justified in its use as it will only create a vicious circle that will be hard pressed to stop. It is thus easy to see what the right choice is; prohibiting all forms of torture is the only way to keep ourselves morally sound.

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