Essay on Is This Real Life, Or Just a Fantasy?

Essay on Is This Real Life, Or Just a Fantasy?

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Waking up the next morning I couldn't help but think it had all just been a dream. It seemed like the kind of thing my warped imagination would conjure up- that Embry Call had been talking to me for two days in a row.
But then I looked up and across at my shrill alarm clock and his note caught my eye. A slow grin spread across my face, and I could feel my heart swelling in my chest like a balloon. It was really real. I don't think I've ever felt so eager to get to school in my life. It was like the whole core of my being was dragging me towards him, and for the first time I felt a little spasm of fear. Should I feel this strongly already? I knew I liked him and everything, but already I felt the familiar ties that came with depending on someone and it was painfully obvious to me that I was falling too hard, too fast. Wasn't I already convinced he only wanted to be my friend?
I wouldn't be so sure. The stupid little voice in the back of my head was back, and just as irritating and contradictory as usual. I tried to quash the little bubble of hope that kept welling up in my heart. I couldn't let myself hope now, only to be crushed when it turned out the little voice was wrong. Aha, but when have I been wrong?
It was times like these I wished it wouldn't hurt if I hit myself with a mallet. I had enough problems without adding an over-dramatic love life to the mix as well.
I stepped out of the shower with a satisfied nod. Hopefully that had squished my ridiculously optimistic mood. It was too early to be skipping. I shuddered at the thought, dragging on my usual skinnies and hoodie while suppressing a yawn. Well that hadn't changed at least.
As I was walking along the landing a series of loud coughs issued from the twins' and Co...

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...errang magazine propped up against the milk carton in front of him. He looked up sheepishly as I began to fry us eggs, the small part of his hair with the electric blue streak in it flopping into his eyes.
“Gail...I'm sorry alright? Just give me permission that if he tries anything stupid I can kick him.” I heard the meek tone to Jessie's voice while looking at him out of the corner of my eye. Oh the sweet sound of victory. Eh, I loved him really.
Spinning round from making the both of us breakfast I lobbed my spatula at him for good measure. “Stupid defines as if he does something I don't like. If he makes a move and I don't care there will be no kicking.” Well I certainly wouldn't be complaining. As I second thought I turned back to my brother, stretching out a hand for the mistreated utensil. “And by the way, you might want to use a bat. Embry's like concrete.”

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