Essay on Is There Such a Thing as a Global Cinema Industry?

Essay on Is There Such a Thing as a Global Cinema Industry?

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National cultures are transformed by globalization in latter-day tendency through different agencies of the media, such as internet, broadcasting, and television industry, which have a possibility to tighten the connections among most of the countries and their citizens. As the global culture spread in a rapid speed, multinational corporations are created over national border, such as coca Coca-Cola, Nike and other well-known brands in the world. Globalization also influences cinema industry, which makes cinema more widely available and become a globalized access to understand the world. The emergence of Hollywood indicates cinema industry develops into international level, via new technologies, such as CD, videotape and digital media, especially after World War II. At the same time, ‘diasporic’ cinema are produced which continues to take its place in cinema industry. On the other hand, Americanization becomes a tendency and dominates the market in some degree. This essay will analyze the reason why Hollywood dominants cinema market, then examine how new international film tries to fight back and estimate if there is a thing as global cinema industry. It will then suggest some possible solutions to the problems in international cinema for better development.

It is believed that the appearance of Hollywood started global cinema, which created a popular culture to transmit and accepted by most regions, to such an extent that, the shadow of Hollywood has been continued and played a significant role in cinema market from 19th century to these days. Setting Avatar (2008) as an example, it is one of America typical cinemas which narrate a love story with famous directors, stars and other elements to make this film successful, which i...

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